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Ella\'s Bubbles is a Chicago-based manufacturer that is recognized for unique craftsmanship of custom acrylic walk-in bathtubs

Pets bring joy, positivity, and happiness to their owners, all across the globe. Four-legged furry friends, and pets of all variety, lift up moods by granting unconditional and unbiased love at all times. In return, it remains the owners duty to return this favor in the role of caretaker, and give focus even beyond the typical regime of food, walk, and sleep.

"Until One Has Loved an Animal, a Part of One's Soul Remains Unawakened" – Anatole France

Like humans, pets are proven to have feelings and experience a longing for comfort. Anxiety, fear, and fatigue are just a few examples of emotions a pet can experience, but struggle to communicate. While there are various calming and stress relieving methodologies for pets, there remains one that is multipurpose and highly effective: bath time. Relaxation in warm jetted water is considered an instantly relaxing stress reliever, while also providing a deep clean. For humans and animals alike, the cooling and soothing properties of a luxurious bath relax strained muscles and return rhythmic breathing, all while simultaneously purging the skin of bacteria. Ella's Bubbles is an innovative and contemporary company that has identified the gap between pets and owner desire for thorough and convenient bath time. Ella noticed the inclusion of jets and therapies in tubs for humans, and the lack of attention and adaptation in the bathing industry for pets. If humans can enjoy deep cleaning and thorough relaxation, our pets should be given the same level of focus. With attention to this concept, Ella’s Bubbles introduced the Infusion Microbubble Therapy Pet Walk-In Spa with Ozone Sterilization - a remarkable option for true pet lovers!

Ella's Bubbles is a Chicago-based manufacturer that is recognized for unique craftsmanship of custom acrylic walk-in bathtubs. They began in 2005 with a vision to reimagine the future of bathing, providing customers with new safe and luxurious options. Their efficient engineers discovered that the bathtub market lacked variety in accessibility, fueling Ella's Bubbles to design innovative options. The goal was to create chic bathtub architecture, with groundbreaking functionality, that would eventually set a standard in the market. After years of design and development, the launch of their first walk in bathtub sparked the market significantly. Since then, the company has been a customer favorite with illustrious designs and exclusive therapy options. As of 2022, Ella's Bubbles has custom designed more than twenty-eight unique bathtub varieties, while offering special devotion to pets with their Infusion Microbubble Pet Walk-In Spa.

Bathing a pet can become messy, similar to bathing a small child. If the bath time partner does not speak a common language, it is quite difficult to encourage them to cooperate. Considering the mess this lack of corporation might induce, some might conclude that a backyard is the only friendly place to bathe a pet. Analyzing this misconception, Ella's Bubbles adapted their Infusion Microbubble Therapy Pet Walk-In Spa for in home environments. The Pet Walk In Spa is created in a way that allows a pet to enter the bath without the common inconvenience, through the use of an outswing easy-entry and easy-exit door. Once the pet has entered, a removable platform insert is used to seamlessly customize the bathtub in accordance with the pet’s height. In addition, the walls of the Pet Spa include twelve adjustable side jets that make it easier for the owner to wash their friendly pal in hard-to-reach areas. Combining these jets with the flexible hand mixer, any pet can enjoy thorough relaxation and cleaning.

Another excellent feature of this Walk-In Pet Spa is the Infusion Microbubble Therapy. Microbubble Therapy is a unique process of breaking down water molecules into microscopic oxygen-rich bubbles expelled through dedicated hand mixers. These microbubbles can penetrate fur and even into skin pores to remove trapped bacteria, dirt, yeast, and other allergens that lead to odor, itching, and in some cases allergies. These soft bubbles can gently purge bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals or soaps that could potentially cause their own damage.

Ella's Bubbles' creative Pet Spa has changed the way pet owners and their pets perceive bath time. A deep clean is no longer an inconvenience, and a bath is now a preferred activity. The convenience offered by this pet spa can be enjoyed in high rise apartments, office buildings, outdoors, or wherever preferred, thanks to its highly adaptable functionality. The inclusion of MicroBubble Therapy sets a tone in the pet spa industry, allowing pet lovers to never settle less for their pet. Ella’s Bubbles has not only enhanced bath time, but also brought attention to skin problem, allergies, and overall hygiene. This multi-purpose, multi-play Pet Spa provides peace of mind in an enjoyable and convenient manner.

Ella's Bubbles is a brand that prioritizes luxury, comfort and innovation over everything and continues to develop more innovations year to year.

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