Matthias Nezzar: An Exceptional Entrepreneur With Articulate Sales & Marketing Skills

After partnering with international entrepreneur Matthias Nezzar went on an extremely explorative and boundless entrepreneurial journey

A young boy's parents instil the values of hard-work and independence in him. He works at multiple odd jobs with only one thing in mind: to be consistent. While working as a salesman at a sports club, he recognizes potential in himself. Makes a life-changing decision to be an entrepreneur. Goes on to make millions in the selling and marketing industry. This seemingly short but very impactful story is that of Matthias Nezzar, a French entrepreneur, businessman and sales specialist who grew to fame by introducing incredible and result oriented sales techniques and methods to hundreds and thousands of sports coaches, teachers and entrepreneurs around the world.

After partnering with international entrepreneur, "attraction" visibility expert and conversion sales specialist David Michigan, Matthias Nezzar went on an extremely explorative and boundless entrepreneurial journey. The business and sales skill sets of Michigan and Nezzar met head-on and the result was the Hybrid Partner business and the Hybrid Coaching Model. Together they introduced the business model to the world and made thousands of coaches not only realise but also make efficient use of the potential of online teaching, selling and marketing.

The Hybrid Coaching Model is a brilliant step towards amalgamating global and regional methods of selling and marketing. Under it, coaches and teachers are enabled to sell and market their skills, products and equipment on a global online platform while simultaneously working, assisting and selling at their regular regional locations. Therefore, a coach working in India can easily sell his/her services to American students through the Hybrid Coaching Model. It gives greater recognition and revenue opportunities to everyone involved.

The Model uses a Hybrid Customer Acquisition strategy to generate and direct regular leads and prospects to the users (coaches and teachers).

David Michigan and Matthias Nezzar also use numerous marketing and selling techniques which are in line with the current trends to help users of the Hybrid Coaching Model develop stable business and consistent revenue for themselves. The Hybrid Coaching Model has efficiently made hundreds and thousands of people break geographical boundaries and come in contact with interested learners, buyers, teachers and sellers.

Presently, Matthias Nezzar and David Michigan plan on setting up a school that will follow a Hybrid form of learning. With multiple projects lined up, Matthias Nezzar and David Michigan have become one of the top entrepreneurs of the year 2020. Their Hybrid Partner business and Hybrid Coaching Model generated millions last year.

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( Source : Spotlight )
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