How Rakesh C Wadhwa carved his way from Bodypower India to Bodypower UK

In a short span, Rakesh Wadhwa, not only made his way upward but also went on to represent his nation internationally

Rakesh C Wadhwa, a champion par excellence in bodybuilding who has inspired the world with his physique while being a vegetarian bodybuilder from Belgaum shares his journey from winning in Bodypower India to slamming various positions in Bodypower Expo Birmingham, United Kingdom.

A fitness enthusiast since his teenage years, Rakesh C Wadhwa was hailed for fitness amongst his peers because of which in the year 2015, he got the initial push by a friend to go for a professional competition, by the end of the year itself Rakesh kept his foot on the stage as a bodybuilder.

The phoenix had risen

In 2016, he went for his first Bodypower Expo to compete in an event and was amazed to see the number of events and the number of competitor bodybuilders who were present in the Expo. This sight gave him the inspiration to prepare for the Fit Factor competition at the Bodypower expo, a renowned bodybuilding competition that has raised several winners such as Shweta Mehta from MTV Roadies, actor Anup Singh Thakur etc.

The bodybuilder began to showcase his mettle from the qualifying rounds of the nationals to finally coming victorious in the Male Model Muscle category in the Fit Factor competition and got the direct ticket to BodyPower UK as the winning award.

He was set to participate in 4 different competitions at 3 categories, but the journey to UK was a long one, travelling from his hometown Belgaum to Mumbai in an overnight bus till boarding a flight to Dubai, after 6 hours of wait he finally sat on the flight to UK where he reached a day prior to the his event which was scheduled in the first day of the 3 day competition.

Soon after landing in UK, he checked his weight and was startled to find that he was weighing 89 kg's contrary to his weight category which was below 80 in which he was set to compete the next day, the sudden rise in weight was caused because of lack of sleep, water retention and improper food that he had to eat while travelling from India to UK.

"After I weighed 89 kgs, I was adamant to lose the extra water weight before my competition, so I did cardio the entire night, took some sauna bath to loose the water weight that I had retained during the trip, the next morning I was weighing around 83 kgs, I did loose 6 kilos in one night but I had to compete in the above 80 category".

But even after a series of unfortunate events, Rakesh C Wadhwa impressed the panels with his physique and won medals amongst all the international athletes competing from different countries at the expo, he banged the second position at the UKUP competition under the Male Muscle Category, third place in the Men's Physique category, on the next day, he competed with all the international bodybuilders in the NPC competition in the Mens Physique category where he clenched another medal, on the final day of the Bodypower UK, he participated in the competition organized by WABBA called the Amateur Olympia and ended his winning streak with another medal in his pocket, the entire journey had been no less than a roller coaster ride but it was a fulfilling experience for Rakesh Wadhwa to have won such prestigious laurels abroad for his country.

In a short span, Rakesh Wadhwa, not only made his way upward but also went on to represent his nation internationally, he continues to be a source of constant inspiration and motivation for bodybuilding enthusiasts with his social media crossing the mark of over 3,30,000 followers combined on Facebook and Instagram.

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( Source : Spotlight )
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