Rahul Ahuja explains how to become an established food blogger

One needs to take numerous steps needs to become an established food blogger in India or anywhere in the world

Rahul Ahuja is a prominent face in the food blogging community of India. He is the face behind the Eatsindia Instagram profile. He is a food adventurer, delicacy explorer, and an extremely extrovert person who loves to learn about the food experience of other people, and also share his own experiences. According to Rahul, food blogging has become one of the unique career trends among foodies and explorers. But Rahul Ahuja explains that one needs to take numerous steps needs to become an established food blogger in India or anywhere in the world.

They are as follows:

1. Build an influencer community

Rahul’s Eatsindia Instagram has almost 40,000 followers, and his Facebook page Rahul Ahuja ( has around 20,000 followers.

Rahul Ahuja built this community of followers by relentlessly going to new restaurants or eating joints every weekend and capturing the best delicacies through his vision.

As an influencer and Instagram celebrity, Rahul believes that to become a popular food blogging celebrity, one needs to put efforts to explore new food places and items. By doing so, one can easily build a large community of followers and work their way up to the level of success that Rahul has achieved to date.

2. Contribute to social causes

Rahul is not only a food blogger but also a professional social worker.

In the past few years, he has been sharing heartwarming social messages on his Facebook page and other social media accounts. Rahul Ahuja was rewarded with the Silver medal from Amity, Noida.

He has been an active traveller on the Helo app and presently has a follower base of more than 30,000 people.

Moreover, he is among the top 1 per cent of people from Noida who contribute to Google and 3 percent of people from New Delhi on TripAdvisor.

Rahul Ahuja believes that to become a successful food blogger; one needs to put effort into the community and share their knowledge with other people.

3. Stay motivated

Food blogging is a tough career choice, just like any other career. It requires a person to be patient and persistent. In time, one learns the best methods to develop a video for different social media profiles and post content that food lovers who love to taste. But, according to Rahul, all of this requires consistency and a pro-life attitude.

One can join Rahul’s Journey to learn how to be consistent and gain ideas about food blogging. Moreover, other food enthusiasts can read Rahul’s media coverage on Hindustan Times, Yahoo Lifestyle, and other social accounts to learn from his journey and experiences.

He also explains a few methods to have a pro-life attitude and raises the hopes of thousands of food bloggers across the globe.

4. Make no excuses

Rahul has become a famous food blogger from India by regularly posting on his social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and others. He is also a regular employee from New Delhi that has a 9 am to 5 pm job in which he is required to put his best efforts. But, unlike other people, Rahul has learned that to become the best in the community, one needs to put constant efforts. Moreover, he believes that quitting a career choice is never the option, especially when a person loves to taste new food and explore new places. His coverage in the India Saga explains how food bloggers shouldn’t quit their dreams and make time for them to build a successful food blogging career.

5. Collaborations

Over the past few years, Rahul has collaborated with many restaurant chains and food companies to explain the product benefits to his followers and the food blogging community. His coverage in Bollywood Dhamaka’s article “Rahul Ahuja: Story of a social worker, food blogger, and traveler” showcases and explains his collaborations with various brands. Rahul believes that collaboration leads to growth and harmony in the food blogging community. Therefore, food bloggers should collaborate and tie-up with other brands and sponsors to explain the benefits or drawbacks of consuming a specific type of food. By doing so, they will also become a social worker in the food blogging community.

Conclusively, by following the steps mentioned above, one can easily become an established food blogger like Rahul Ahuja and be called as 'Rahul Ahuja Food Blogger'.

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