I am addicted to evolving, because sky is the limit: Raja RME

Mukherjee's experience of being in the entertainment industry for over a decade has just happened to polished his skills so far

It is said aptly that the sky is the limit if you know what your dreams and aims are.

It takes a lot of talent, courage and passion to fulfil your dreams, and the people who succeed in doing so become examples for the rest of the world. This saying is also followed by the millennial entertainment entrepreneur Raja Mukherjee. With roots in Kolkata, this entrepreneur has eyes all over the world so that he can spread the wings of his talent, skills and potential everywhere. His family used to run a performing arts theatre where this talented boy got his first breakthrough as well. He stepped on the stage when he was merely three years old and then onwards, there is no stopping for this talent.

He says, “I am addicted to evolving and adapting because SKY IS THE LIMIT!”

Hustling, struggling and shining are all an inseparable part of any star's life.

Raja started his struggle while he was very young; he started working at a very young age and is struggling hard since he was 14. He waited tables at a local pizza shop; thereafter he managed his college with several jobs as well. He took his time to understand how business is done and how people function; he decided to commence his own sphere of 'entertainment entrepreneurship'. Educated in an Anglo-Indian boarding school, Raja understands the fusion of western practices into Indian culture and his work showcases the exuberant fusion of them in an unbelievable way. His Anglo-Indian boarding school got him into rapping interestingly. He heard someone rap in his boarding school back in 2000 and he loved the beat so much that his love for rap knew no bounds after that. This persuaded him to graduate in mass media and also helped him shape his voice skills for the same. He also absorbed the skill of being a persuasive speaker and his voice became his strength during this course of time. You can impressively see his spot-on humour, brimming confidence and bombastic energy when he comes on the stage with his mic.

It's not wrong if we say, that Raja is unbeatable when he is on stage. But everything has a beginning. The first time when this multi-talented rapper stepped on the stage, he was merely 16 and was an enthusiastic participant in a rapping competition called the "War of Rappers" back then. But he ended up being choked at the stage and yet chose not to give up. His skills of being at the top started thereafter when he won the same competition by acing other rounds. That little boy back then did not turn around after that.

At a young age of just 21, he founded his own company named Team INC through which he manages international and Indian entertainment acts that were linked to big corporate houses and big fat Indian weddings. It was not until 2014 that he decided to step into the field of artist management and his first artist is none other than Divine. And we all know how badly we step on our feet when we hear his name out! It is both fascinating and entertaining to hear that Raja happens to be the mediator between Sony Music Entertainment and Divine. The scintillating song "Mere Gully Mein" from the movie Gully Boy came out through Raja's company Team INC. It was after this that Raja decided to establish himself as a stage performer.

In 2016, Raja had his first breakthrough as a host and he gave wings to his aspiration to travel across the globe by hosting a few corporate shows. Not just this, he added another feather to his cap by being a part of an event where Donald Trump was an honourable chief guest. It can be excitingly concluded that the association of big names with Raja Mukherjee can never end. Currently, he is running his YouTube channel by the name of "Cut The Crop" which as the name suggests, basically means to harvest your profits in life.

It revolves around the state of the minds of young entrepreneurs and hustlers where Raja strings his motivational philosophy on how to yield beneficial results from the seeds of hard work and passion that we sow in our lives.

Raja Mukherjee’s talents know no bounds. If he’s renowned for his energy and vocal skills, he is also applauded and recognised for his exceptional style skills.

He was awarded the Business World’s The Most Stylist Emcee award etched under his name. His benchmarks just keep elevating! For those who do not know, Raja Mukherjee is also known as Raja RME and he is said to be the only anchor in the world to customize rap music for brands. He has worked with big brands like The Aditya Birla Group and Tata Motors.

He believes that styling is a way of expression and one must not give up on it.

Well, we agree with him too! He has also shared the stage with big Bollywood names like Ranveer Singh, Preity Zinta, Divya Dutta and also got the privilege of sharing ‘I am Mumbhai’ moment with Javed Jaffrey. Apart from being a rapper, he is also known for his high energy levels at his live performances as well. Recently after bagging an award for his style, when got a chance to share the stage with Ranveer Singh, he matched his levels toe to toe and people cheered loudly as they together set the stage on fire. People believed it was rehearsed but we came to know later that it was just immediate and happened in a blink of an eye. This is the amount of talent this guy has!

His experience of being in the entertainment industry for over a decade has just happened to polished his skills so far. Raja Mukherjee now happens to be one of the most stylish, talented and reputed Emcees in the industry. While this pandemic was full of negativities, Raja RME managed to instil positivity in our hearts by creating the hashtag #hopeoverhype. He streamlined the Indian event industry by creating his "hope over hype" during this quarantine period of coronavirus lockdown. While stating his views on this he expressed that it was a sudden idea and he did not have his mic so he chose to record it as a single take on his mobile phone. The video features Raja RME, Brian Tellis, Freishia, Gitikka Ganju Dhar, Siddhartha Chaturvedi and many more experiential and TV industry stars. The famous entertainer of the anchoring industry believes that optimism is the key to fight adversities and this was the reason he came up with this "hope over hype" idea.

With his passion to set an example, Raja is determined to make a brand of him in this industry. We can surely make out one thing from his enthusiasm and talents, that his graph knows just a positive upward slope, and we all anticipate his growth with time so that his name reaches on the lips of every person on the globe. Also, we will deliberately wish that he fulfils his wish of becoming the Dwayne Johnson of the Indian film industry.

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