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How 22 Yards becomes a leading and one stop solution for celebrity tie up business

Published Sep 14, 2020, 6:00 pm IST
Updated Sep 15, 2020, 4:29 pm IST
The Celebrity tie up and marketing company 22 Yards is not only emerging as the best but also fast changing the way the business vertical is handled in the past.
 The Celebrity tie up and marketing company 22 Yards is not only emerging as the best but also fast changing the way the business vertical is handled in the past.

Have you ever imagined what will happen if one day a top celebrity lands in your promotional event, project launch, b’day party or even wedding ceremony. And that at a very affordable cost.

But the celebrity tie up and marketing company 22 Yards have turned the towering dreams into a sweet reality.

Founder of the company Sharad Singh is quite precise with his business plan, “Yes we have hit the bulls eye we have able to achieve what we were wanted to achieve from the day one of our launch”.22 Yards have made it possible for even a low budget customer to afford a celebrity for its functions or events.

Sharad explained “before our arrival the celebrities deals were limited to top notch business endorsements, big budget projects launch but we were first to realise the potential of the business, now even a low budget client is approaching us for celebrity appearance in their event”. My vision was very clear celebrity business should not remain a hegemony of corporates or rich clients other should also afford them if their pocket allows it.  

The Celebrity tie up and marketing company 22 Yards is not only emerging as the best but also fast changing the way the business vertical is handled in the past.

Other co-founder Nikhil Singh added “The World around us is changing too fast and we have seen some of the significant changes take place in terms of businesses across industries from the recent past” Nikhil also added, “Today, the market scenario is such where it has capability and the potential to redefine customer experiences for buying celebrities for brand promotions or promotional events”.

22 Yards is a one stop celebrity tie up and marketing company that was originated in September 2012 and in the last 8 years it has achieved the heights where its rivals can only dream off. 22 Yards has been able to elevate its sales and popularity exponentially and we have proven that we can taste success as we want even in a fiercely competitive market.

22 Yards is currently managing profile of many present and past cricketers from India as well as from abroad and also some of the leading Bollywood and TV stars. Nikhil who handles many a corporate clients for the company added, “ Before we entered the celebrity tie up business, many of the celebs were handled by the close family members, parents or friends, who hardly had any idea on how to manage a profile or build a profile”.

But scenario changed fast since 22 Yards entered the arena. Co-founder Sharad Singh is a personality with impeccable talent that knows no boundaries. He is already a big name in the celebrity tie up and marketing endorsement field that transforms the idea of marketing business through his journey and vast experience. Sharad had a passion for celebrity marketing business and its ability to make people clients a specific type.

Sharad is not someone who believes in investing more time only in thinking of a new idea whereas he is a believer of implementing the same. He shares his thinking that “It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary”.Sharad Singh is a person who everyday makes a choice. A choice to strive towards extraordinary work.

The other founder of 22 Yards and a renowned marketer Nikhil Singh ventured into the marketing business at the age of just 21.Success is not accidental. As rightly emphasized, fame and fortune follow those who don’t wait for oppurtunities.His early career was filled with struggles just as any other youngster would face.

However, he believed in setting big goals for himself and going all out to achieve those. “Believe you can do it” is Nikhil’s motto. Son of a Delhi police Officer, Nikhil today is a mentor and leader to many upcoming entrepreneurs.

The philosophy he always follows, is that great things in business are not done by an individual but it is done by a team. He not only successfully established himself as a successful entrepreneur but also built a high performing team of suppliers across 15 cities in India,he has made a mark in the network marketing industry as well.

The co-founders are not only taking 22 Yards to new heights their other company Abacus Media which just celebrated 5 years of its inception is too creating wave in High ticket branding and marketing business. These 5 Years can be summarised by over 1200 projects that

Abacus Media delivered across all major cities in India and 4 Countries internationally. To us it means many happy clients and continue serving them for many years together, this is what gives them tremendous happiness and boost to their courage and they are on right path. It was 2015 when the company delivered its first project with perfection.


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