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In Focus 14 Sep 2020 Gaston Rossato talks ...

Gaston Rossato talks about his journey to success

Published Sep 14, 2020, 5:51 pm IST
Updated Sep 14, 2020, 5:54 pm IST
Born in a family of car enthusiasts, it's pretty evident where Gaston’s love for cars originates from
Gaston Rossato
 Gaston Rossato

Gaston Rossato is the founder of  The Barn Miami, Miami’s most recognized automotive boutique that specializes in sales and collection consultation.

Mr. Rossato is also the proud owner of  - an advocacy and enthusiast website dedicated to automobiles.


Born in a family of car enthusiasts, it's pretty evident where Gaston’s love for cars originates from, however his impressive sales skills that make up the other half of running a successful car business are just something one is born with. Rossato’s first sale took place at the age of 9 when he bought his neighbor's car and sold it for a profit.

According to Rossato, he knew all his life that his ultimate goal was to own a car dealership.
After graduating from college, Gaston worked as a claims adjuster for Infinity Auto Insurance, and dealt with cars on the side for passive income before starting The Barn Miami and working on it full time.


However, it was not always an upward slope for Gaston, who has admitted that he has many business ideas that have failed.

He stated that even with The Barn Miami, he tried to do many things that haven’t worked – Gaston believes that failure is important because it teaches you the specifics of running a business.
It is this trial and error that has allowed Rossato to implement innovative methods of carrying out retail – The Barn Miami has one of the best car channels on youtube and is active on Instagram and other social media platforms.


Cars are not just a product for Gaston to sell, they are his passion and genuine interest – which can be seen from the non-retail activities that The Barn Miami engages in, such as meetups with enthusiasts and track meets with customers.

It is Rossato's dedication to his work that sets The Barn Miami apart and allows it to dominate the market.

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