How Saloni Kapoor turned her weakness into strength and became a fashion influencer

Saloni has been receiving lots of praise for her look and how beautiful she looks

The showbiz industry is glamorous and luxurious. After all, fans are used to seeing their favorite stars flaunting their lavish lifestyles.

However, very few people know what goes behind all this. Take the example of Saloni Kapoor, a top model turned fashion and lifestyle influencer. She is known for her beautiful persona and motivational fitness video on Instagram.

Saloni has been receiving lots of praise for her look and how beautiful she looks. However, not many know that she used to suffer from a skin condition named leukoderma.

It was mild but her first breakup led her into depression, which resulted in leukoderma spreading massively.

Realizing this issue, she soon shifted focus on getting this treated. She has face lots of problems on the way to recovery but she never lost hope.

Her grit and firm determination helped her in getting over all the negativity and taboo behind it. Now, she is known for her beautiful skin and charming personality.

Currently, Saloni is one of the top social media influencers in the country. Her fan following on Instagram is increasing exponentially, all thanks to her fitness videos and fashion advice videos.

Her fitness videos have helped several people in getting themselves in shape and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

After all, staying fit has become a massive task for everyone, as most people spend their time juggling through works and personal commitment. No one has time to hit the gym and stay fit.

Apart from fitness advice, Saloni is also known for fashion posts. Her Instagram is filled with fitness and fashion posts. Her followers love her posts about fashion because it is easy to use and affordable.

People don’t have to do something special or invest a huge amount. By looking at the hardship she puts in her work, Saloni is all set to achieve great things in her life. We wish her all the best.

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