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Magic Of Kundali Matching in the era of advanced Technologies and modern Lifestyle

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Published on: July 14, 2020 | Updated on: July 17, 2020

Kundali matching is the process or the marriage making chart where the birth charts of the two potential partners are matched for marriage

Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching

Have you ever wondered about your life and the future it is going to shape into? Has it ever stricken your mind that when will you get married?

Does it bother you that despite doing everything for your partner, something tends to remain incomplete at the end? Do you fail to feel that connection with your lover/beloved?

These questions are legit when an individual go through their specific phases of life. They feel tired and helpless about not progressing from the place they started at the first moment.

There are few ailments that no physician can give. But how would it be if you are bestowed with the information about your past, present and future from a doorway through the interpretation of your personal predictions? Well, there is where the ethereal world of Astrology begins.

From the ancient period that consisted of several Yugas, Kundali matching has played a very sensitive yet a powerful role in the life of two individuals for an auspicious union of marriage in the Vedic Indian Astrology.

It may sound superstitious but it the underrated reality in every era of mankind.

Kundali matching is the process or the marriage making chart where the birth charts of the two potential partners are matched for the marriage.

A birth chart of an individual consist of almost everything that a person is made of and when it is time for the union of two souls, the match between the charts become important to lead to harmonious life together.

A Birth chart or Janam kundali is framed by calculating an individual’s date of birth, name, birth time and birth place.

Through the calculations, the astrologer of Trusted Teller establishes the position of planet, stars and other celestial bodies that encircles their life. The chart also reveals the health, sickness, finance, love, relationship, family, lifestyle, lifespan, obstacles as well as remedies to overcome it.

When the kundali is matched between two people, their compatibility, progress in life, happiness, family, health issues and mind-set between them for a healthy life is revealed. If there are any hurdles to face, there are rituals and remedies to eliminate them as well.  

When solutions come easy, people tend to ignore it, thinking it to be lame because they have been created with a mentality that a real solution comes after a lot of struggle.

This way of thinking tends to demean the healing of the situation that the Kundali matching provides.

Kundali matching before marriage describes the entire lifestyle between the couples, they are going to lead. Through the matching, it is revealed that whether there are compatible for each other or not.

People who are in love, tends to loathe, dislike or avoid the concept of kundali matching because they build a fear that it is a barrier between their love if the result turns out to be negative, against their favour.

Imagine your chart along with your potential partner turns out to negative but you ignore it away because you both believe in the love for one another which is totally pure. A wedlock takes place and your married life starts.

You are blessed with good in-laws too. But stress starts to develop, there is no progress in the financial conditions after marriage.

The business starts running in loss, your spouse tends to remain frustrated but do not reveal it to you because you might worry.

Due to immense stress, there is a distance forming in your relationship despite you both being in love with each other, there is no positive results when it comes to conceiving a child, there are accidents and misunderstandings that starts enveloping your life.

Now, would you want such a life with the one you love or you will make sure to search for a remedy to remove all these problems and obstacles before starting a new life with them?

An Astrologer makes sure to shower the individual with the best results and remedies that might eliminate all the hurdles and fight against the negative vibes or malefic effects that has the potential to destroy the relationship.

If the relationship turns out to be fatal, that is also revealed through the predictions.

Thus, Kundali matching is a boon in disguise and with the reading of a genuine astrologer, the life after the magical union of marriage tends to flourish like a dream marriage that one has aspired for.

That is the magic of Kundali Matching in today’s era for a life of peace and ecstasy.

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