FinGrad: A Fool-Proof Platform for Comprehensive Financial Learning

The platform has a total of 30 courses as well as webinars conducted and executed by over 26 instructors as of the launch date

The stock market has been a darling of investors, thanks to the lucrative returns it has to offer. But the majority of investors do not make a profit here! One needs immense knowledge and expertise to make money from the market. Unfortunately, this is not covered extensively in the degree courses at universities. Even if it's covered in theory, the practical aspect is always missing.

So, this means one has to either rely on practising on their own, which also means burning a hole in their pocket or relying on expert advisory companies and giving them a fee for every trade or a share in the profit. Investors can gain experience through these two methods, but expertise is never attained.

With the success of Trade Brains, founder Kritesh Abhishek has set his foot in the thriving financial education world. The mind behind the stock market analysis startup is now willing to spread knowledge and skills by venturing into a platform that caters to stock market courses and advanced trading webinars. Let's dig a little deeper into the new financial education platform, FinGrad, which launched on 12th April 2022.

FinGrad “Unboxing Finance”

The platform for online stock market courses is a one-stop destination for all financial knowledge requirements. There are several areas of study to comprehensively understand the stock market, IPO, bonds, mutual funds, personal finance, insurance and other key financial aspects. The platform has extensive courses for all interested personnel. With high-grade and free trading courses, FinGrad allows its users to access stock market webinars from industry experts. The platform has a total of 30 courses as well as webinars conducted and executed by over 26 instructors as of the launch date. CEO Kritesh Abhishek has partnered with highly specialized instructors along with established market experts who have substantial knowledge and experience of the market.

When asked about the very objective of the platform, Kritesh Abhishek, CEO & Founder of Trade Brains, said, “Every stock market enthusiast should educate themselves first before entering the market, in order to correctly invest or trade and make consistent returns. With FinGrad, we are trying to spread financial literacy in a more comprehensive and pragmatic approach by offering explicit courses and webinars, along with quizzes, assessments, and certification.”

The Inspiration for FinGrad

The founder and CEO of FinGrad, Kritesh Abhishek, always had an aspiration for stock market education. By the age of 25, he began running stock market workshops under Trade Brains. His passion for extending financial knowledge among competent and interested users allowed him to spread his skills across cities like Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. He also visited the prestigious Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, and VIT Vellore to cater as a guest speaker for the stock market.

Such encounters and experiences led him to understand the potential of financial education and stock market courses in the market. The mission began when Trade Brains took a committed form through FinGrad. The platform is core to facilitating stock market literacy by combining expert tutors and educators of the stock market world.

“Affordability Meets Literacy To Attain Financial Independence”

The platform aims at resolving the key issue of limited financial information, especially in the field of the stock market. With optimum stock market webinars and trading courses, the platform intends to be perceived as an all-inclusive destination for high-grade and reasonable financial learning.

The CEO highlights that there is a major issue of limited financial awareness, and hence, they aim to overcome that situation by creating awareness and inducing the will to invest.

The online stock market courses platform is under the flagship of stock market analysis firm Trade Brains. The parent company is established in Bangalore, India.

FinGrad tends to keep all their courses and webinars FREE for all users to enroll for a limited time period.

“FinGrad Has Key Elements To Support Financial Literacy In the Market”

The founder states that FinGrad has the upper hand over its competitors in the market. The company highlighted that though most of the stock market education platforms only provide courses, FinGrad also offers webinars, assessments, quizzes, and certification for each course successfully completed. The company creates the perfect stock market learning conditions under one umbrella to cater to better financial learning. They also provide affordable and high-grade materials to aid the learners. FinGrad is a multilingual platform that aims to reach people from different backgrounds and diversities.

The financial environment of FinGrad has been designed to deliver knowledge that has direct implications for the trading and investment processes. The newly launched platform supports leveraging investment skills among the potential audience to make sure all the people engage in financial independence activities.

The Future Prospects of FinGrad

As for the future of FinGrad, the platform aims to reach a target market of over 10 million new learners in the coming three years by extending factual and effective financial courses and webinars. As quoted by the founder and CEO of FinGrad, Kritesh Abhishek, “By providing the right value and building a strong brand, we aim to revolutionize the financial education industry in the next few years through FinGrad.”

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