Enjoy Summer with a Well Serviced Hitachi AC

Hitachi Cooling & Heating India employs a highly efficient team of technicians who are experts in AC servicing

It is that time of the year again. The steep rise in temperature, the sweat shower and frequent spells of severe heatwaves in many parts of the country announce the arrival of the famed Indian summer season.

So, it is time for a thorough servicing of your air conditioner before you deploy it for a long and intense operating session spanning a couple of months or more.

However, AC buyers of Hitachi Cooling & Heating India, needn’t worry. The company offers ACs with features like iFresh and iClean+ to regularly clean the IDU. Also, one can get manual servicing to keep their AC in top running condition like a newly bought unit.

Hitachi ACs FrostWash Technology

Hitachi ACs come with innovative FrostWash technology that operates without any manual intervention or unit opening.

  • iFresh – FrostWash Technology

The brand uses innovative FrostWash technology to help customers self-clean the air conditioner automatically. Once activated from a remote, it creates frost on the IDU coil, thus, trapping dust in it. The frost then melts, draining all the bacteria, mould and dust trapped. Finally, the coil is dried up to give customers a perfectly fresh and clean air conditioner.

  • iClean+ - Auto Filter Cleaning Technology

The AC filter is exposed to dust, bacteria and mould over time. With this feature, an auto-cleaning brush moves horizontally on the stainless-steel coated filter sweeping the dust to the dust catcher. The dust catcher then sweeps the dust into the dust collection box beneath it.

Once done, the brush moves back from the dust collector to its home position after the cleaning is over. The auto-cleaning brush moves twice over the dust catcher for optimal dust transfer capacity.

Servicing by Authorised Personnel

Hitachi Cooling & Heating India employs a highly efficient team of technicians who are experts in AC servicing. You can reach the serving team through various media like email, WhatsApp, Hitachi India Customer Care app, IVR system, etc.

Additionally, the company has a pan India network of service centres that perform AC servicing in any part of the country.

Why Should You Regularly Service Your AC

  • Increased Shelf Life

A stitch in time saves nine. Regular servicing prevents resurfacing of minor issues. You can also take preventive steps to avert potentially costly damages in future.

  • Healthy Room Air

A well-serviced AC seamlessly performs at optimal capacity. Since the AC filter is cleaned during the maintenance, the AC will provide cleaner air, which is healthy for you and your loved ones.

  • Reduced Unnecessary Expenses

Regularly servicing your AC can lower the chances of unexpected breakdowns and repair costs. As a result, you can manage your finances better and increase your savings.

Disadvantages of Non-Serviced AC

  • Health Risk to Inhabitants

The air filter traps the dust particles that help discharge fresh cool air. The dust particles can clog the air filter if not regularly cleaned. Prolonged exposure to the dust-filled indoor air can cause respiratory disorders among the inhabitants.

  • Excess Consumption of Electricity

Poor and inadequate servicing of AC can result in relatively longer hours of cooling. As a result, you will have to shell out more money in increased electricity bills.

  • Premature Breakdown

If the air conditioner is not serviced regularly, its internal parts can malfunction, reducing the shelf life of your air conditioner. Service your AC periodically to avoid any malfunction and ensure optimal performance.

Air conditioners are machines, and like every machine, they require proper care for a smooth operation. A little attention toward servicing your AC can go a long way in providing a trouble-free and smooth operation.

Get your AC serviced today and chill through the scorching summer heat.

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