​Lavanay Bhadwal: Journey from Amazon to reshaping perception about buying behaviour

Buying on impulse leads to unfortunate and unpleasant situations

Being creative and always striving to be the best was always ingrained in Lavanay’s working process. He’s been involved in the service industry for two years before moving on to IBM Daksh (IBM Global Process Services) in 2002. Here he was a Customer Support Representative for projects relating to where he gained expertise in consumer behavior, in their choices, expectations and service standards. During his work, Lavanay learned that most Amazon customers who complain are doing so because of delivery issues. But the second most frequent reason for contacting customer support was for complaints regarding their purchase and their regrets surrounding it.

Buying on impulse and not doing enough research in advance would lead to most of these unfortunate and unpleasant situations for the customers.

Now Lavanay has created the platform Energy Conversion Devices, which is changing the game by offering people what they were missing the most: information and well-researched and easy to understand articles on product reviews, product comparisons, technical specifications and how someone can make the best buying choice with the least effort.

ECD is a brand that wants to solve one of the most recurring reasons for which customers are dissatisfied with their purchases, buying the wrong product due to misinformation and lack of research. We say enough with the impulsive buys and the regrets.

ECD knows your time is limited and sometimes you just want to get it over with fast but buying the wrong product can complicate things much more and waste more of your time.

ECD is your first and final stop when it comes to your source of information about solar laminates, air conditioners, water purifiers, and a wide variety of appliances in general. ECD is home to well-researched information that is bound to help you decide what’s best for you and your home and make educated purchase decisions when it comes to your consumer electronic needs among others.

ECD provides you with diverse articles based on the latest research and trends, as well as on its own expertise, that are easy to understand for everyone. ECD wants to make the tedious technical language a delight to read, and transform it into language that anyone can understand, so you can make your own choices even when it comes to products that seem out of your knowledge area.

Nothing is beyond your knowledge area, and ECD believes that all the power of decision as a consumer should be in your hands. You should be able to make qualified and well-researched purchases, and ECD is here to guide you and transform your tedious shopping experience into a pleasant one.

The founder, Lavanay Bhadwal, is involved in several other projects besides ECD, always striving to move the world forward through his innovative and creative ideas. He is currently writing also for First Best Service, a portal for sharing customer care numbers and service centers details, and Chatpata Khana, which is an Indian culinary website. Lavanay believes progress is done through knowledge and information, and how best you share them with everyone.

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