Gluon Electrical developed a fan which can save 60% electricity, have you tried ?

Climate change and the optimization of fossil fuel resources are global challenges of every country. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has triggered a global energy crisis. The world is in a critical decade for delivering a more secure, sustainable, and affordable energy system; if strong action is not taken immediately. The potential for faster progress is enormous. Investing in clean electricity and electrification, as well as expanding and modernising grids, provides clear and cost-effective opportunities to reduce emissions more quickly while lowering electricity costs from their current highs.

As per United Nations report, the global electricity access rate increased from 83 percent in 2010 to 91 percent in 2020. Some key technologies' supply chains, such as batteries, solar PV and electrolysers, and BLDC motors, are expanding at rates that support higher global ambitions.

Ceiling fans have evolved into a necessity for every home which consumes 30% of our daily use, particularly in our country's tropical and humid regions. BLDC ceiling fans are becoming more popular, as a way to reduce energy consumption. This new technological advancement has drastically altered the fan industry. BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) ceiling fans are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy-saving and environment friendly design. BLDC fans are powered by BLDC motors. A motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Different types of motors are commonly used. Brushless DC motors (BLDC) are popular in many applications because of their high efficiency and excellent controllability. In comparison to other motor types, the BLDC motor saves energy. Earlier BLDC motors were expensive, whereas more and more technocrats evolving as Start-ups has made it affordable.

GLUON is pioneer in producing energy efficient BLDC ceiling fans. BLDC ceiling fans are different from conventional fans in respect of their motor component. Conventional fans run with a induction motor. On the contrary BLDC motors are made up of permanent magnets which reduce friction and result into energy savings and curtails electricity bills and runs without generating heat subsequently reducing Carbon emission.

GLUON, GPL 2020-BLDC ceiling fans are going to transform the ceiling fan industry because of their unique features and attractive colours. These fans are designed and upgraded by highly skilled designers and engineers of GLUON. The company is committed to striving for excellence in terms of quality with the help of extensive research and development activities.

Gluon Electrical Private Limited was incorporated on 15 November 2012.A revolutionary phase in the company was started during the lockdown phase when actor/entrepreneur Sanjeev Pandey decided to design a prototype of BLDC ceiling fan which got a 5 STAR rating by Bureau of Energy Efficiency government of India with a service value of 8.2. GLUON aims to work consistently to provide smart, innovation-led solutions to make customers happy. GLUON ELECTRICAL has a customer-oriented distribution and networking E Commerce website – that assists in providing after sale service. It believes in establishing long-term relationship with customers by their positive experience of product.

Gluon fans are a revolutionary design in the ceiling fan industry. This design is a feature- packed with electronic and remote control technology, energy efficiency, more speed levels, programmability, E Warranty and 3 Years motors replacement etc.If these efficiency improvements are implemented in all ceiling fans sold by 2020, 70 terrawatt hours per year (TWh/year) could be saved and 25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year could be avoided,

GLUON ELECTRICAL PVT LTD is on the way to achieve a triple bottom line by fostering innovative and eco-friendly products for people. Hence, BLDC ceiling fans are a great purchase for anybody wishing to reduce their electricity costs and save Mother EARTH. Future begins

( Source : Spotlight )
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