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Adil Qadri, the brand that is redefining the whole concept of Attars

Published Aug 13, 2020, 6:10 pm IST
Updated Aug 13, 2020, 6:10 pm IST
Adil Qadri
 Adil Qadri

Perfumes are essential part of everyday life-style. Whether someone is getting ready for office, for casual outings or for any other occasion; like the outfits and other accessories perfumes have also become essential part of being presentable.

Fashion-forward people are particular about the kind/fragrance of perfumes used according to occasion. In market perfumes are basically available in 2 forms, alcohol-based perfumes and non-alcoholic oil-based perfumes called Attars.

Non-alcoholic oil-based perfumes have their own set of loyal customers. Adil Qadri is one of the renowned brand of non-alcoholic oil-based perfumes. The e-com retailers known for selling Islamic-faith specific product is changing the way attars were assumed.

With the change of generation and life-style Attars were losing their sheen in the market place as they were available only in traditional and little strong fragrances.

But keeping in view the demand of time and their loyal customers who only use attars, AdilQadri has launched new range of Attars to match with modern lifestyle. These perfumes are available in different fragrances for both formal and casual occasion.

They are hot-selling items on AdilQadri’s e-com website. The perfumes which include their premium range are Adilqadri Blue Ocean attar, Adil Qadri amazing signature attar and AdilQadri Safwan attar. All of these are suitable for modern lifestyle.

Mr. Mohamed Adil Asif Malkani founder of AdilQadri is planning to launch two of its brand specific store in two metro cities.

Not only is this he also planning to expand the range of products by with the launch of AdilQadri Apparels and AdilQadri dry fruits. All these products will be available on their website

Apart from perfumes their designer Islamic caps also have huge demand in the market.

Islamic religious products and symbols to be used in cars and homes are also their specialty. AdilQadri definitely is excelling to become market leaders in their segment.



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