Kojiki Hires Shagun Sharma as Editor-in-chief for Today\'s Ecommerce

One of the major moves in the expansion process has been the addition of a new workforce for the editorial staff for Today\'s Ecommerce

The media company Kojiki has kicked off its expansion plans for 2022, including acquisitions, development, and expansions of its subsidiaries. Diversifying its media website umbrella, the company recently acquired Today's Ecommerce for an undisclosed amount. The website has raked in a significant amount of traffic and monthly engagement ever since its acquisition, as a consequence of which Kojiki has allocated a $1m budget as a response to the positive reception and growth of the website.

Under the same expansion plans, Kojiki has been developing the website's digital and physical infrastructure. One of the major moves underway in the expansion process has been the addition of a new workforce for the writing and editorial staff for Today's Ecommerce. The move comes as a response to the increase in the audience the website caters to. The influx of unique and returning visitors has been on a steady incline following the acquisition and the increased visitors mean an increased demand for more content. Kojiki's direct solution to the grown audience size and queries is the hiring of new talents all across the world.

Kojiki recently added a significant member to Today's Ecommerce family when it hired Shagun Sharma as its Editor-in-chief. Talking about joining the currently growing staff, Shagun Sharma expressed their elation saying, "Today's Ecommerce has quickly carved out a prominent place for itself in the respective digital space and it's a true honor and privilege to be able to head the editorial staff for the website during a crucial time of growth such as this."

Sharma went on to add that the website will also be expanding into countries where its other prime target demographics reside. Kojiki has already put its expansion plans for the USA and the UK in motion. The company aims to grow Today's Ecommerce in the aforementioned terrified and beyond, with projected results coming into effect by the third and fourth quarters of 2022.

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