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In Focus 13 Feb 2020 Millennial entrepren ...

Millennial entrepreneur Devanchey Bell brings an optimistic look to fashion

Published Feb 13, 2020, 1:08 pm IST
Updated Feb 13, 2020, 1:17 pm IST
Just like most of the successful business stories out there, it took Bell long days and sleepless nights to achieve his dream. 
Born on 3 September 1994, Devanchey grew up in a West Side neighbourhood in Chicago.
 Born on 3 September 1994, Devanchey grew up in a West Side neighbourhood in Chicago.

Devanchey Bell, the 25-year old founder of the innovative clothing company, Goodsinners, have come a long way. From the guns and gangs area of Westside Chicago to leaving his favorite game basketball, Devanchey has never stopped believing in himself. That ultimately leads him to the journey of a successful and young clothing brand; now came to be known as Goodsinners. However, just like most of the successful business stories out there, it took him long days and sleepless nights to achieve his dream. 

Born on 3 September 1994, Devanchey grew up in a West Side neighbourhood in Chicago. At that time, the area was infamous for violence and crime. However, this hasn’t affected the determined young boy Devanchey to chase his ambition. The credit should also go to his family who has dedicated most of their time in providing great upbringing by keeping him out of the sight of bad people and business in the neighbourhood. 


He was an outstanding basketball player at Monmouth University in New Jersey. But he didn’t finish school after a tragedy hit his family. He lost his grandmother in a car accident, and therefore, decided to returned home to be closer to his loved ones. However, since his college days, he dreamt of moving out of the city in search of better life opportunities, and thus, making himself and his family’s life smooth and easy. 

Devanchey knew that playing basketball alone won’t give him the life or help him achieve the goal he is aiming for. Therefore, he gradually stopped playing the game and decided to search for something more in the long-term. He wanted to show and prove himself and the kids in his community that they are capable of breaking the cycle, and that they can also create better lives for themselves. 

If one has to ask what makes Devanchey start this dream clothing brand, it would probably be his passion for fashion, having a creative vein, and on top of that having a business mindset. Since his childhood, he has been involved and has a profound interest in clothing. Whether it’s about fixing one of his pants or getting the alteration in the neighbourhood tailor, he would go by himself and observe the activity closely. To give a better appeal to his clothes, he would add pockets and zippers either by himself or from the tailor. So, his interest in fashion is there with him since the beginning. All he had to do was to discover this passion and start taking actions to achieve his dream, which later came to be known as Goodsinners. 

After the idea of starting an innovative fashion brand came to his mind, all he had were an iPhone camera, a good tailor, and social media sites at his disposal. He began crafting something new and fresh with the simplest of the tools available with him. Also, with the help of one of his old high school friend, he used heat pressing to put the logo on white t-shirts. At that time, it was at a low scale, and he could sell only three to four t-shirts a month. However, he didn’t give up and continue doing the hard work along with his understanding of the people’s demands in mind. Devanchey Bell created more appealing designs, different from other brands, and involved with several small manufacturers locally. 

For marketing, he created a social media page, which showcased his latest merchandise and portraits the portfolio of his brand as a whole. He took advantage of the platform and used it heavily to market his products online. With his continuous hard work and creative posts, the page generated a huge word of mouth for his brand Goodsinners.

Today, the page has more than 100,000 followers who keep an eye on Goodsinners’ latest collection and series. It is truly inspirational, isn’t it that how a young college guy started his innovative fashion brand from scratch, with only limited resources but with unlimited dedication and hard work. Since the past four years, the clothing brand has collaborated with several celebrity partners and has earned customers from all across the globe. It is now known among the people as “a perfect high-end street brand.” And for this, all credit goes to Devanchey Bell and his talented team at Goodsinners. 

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