BalramJeeJha: The Mind behind the top-notch Entertainment Website Daily Research Plot

I think it is possible for Ordinary People to choose to be Extra-ordinary -Elon Musk

A small idea and guts to follow the passion can lead a small village boy to be the founder of a top-notch Entertainment News Website. The story is about the founder of, BalramJeeJha.

Superheroes and their comics were integral parts of our childhood, that time we were fond of the heroes, villains their superpowers, and the costumes. We’re were always thinking if we could fly like Superman or shoot webs like Spider-Man. But with the age and grown-up responsibilities, our love and passion for the comics converted into the race to achieve dreams, and build careers.

But how it could feel if we can convince ourselves to leave our corporate jobs and follow our teenage passions once again and convert them into a profitable career option.

That’s exactly what happened with Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur BalramJeeJha.

He was born and brought up in the Darbhanga district of Bihar later to complete his graduation he moved to Bhopal. He was always a great fan of Marvel and DC Comics, and use to follow every Superhero movie and their franchise. So, he completed his graduation with a major in Graphics and Animation and has worked for various news agencies and production houses in Delhi.

Later he established his own Designing and Animation Studio, but soon he got stressed because of the constant quest to grow and compete in the growing market of Digital Marketing in India. He always had a keen interest to do something for Comics and Superheroes, so he launched a dedicated portal for Comics and Superhero films reviews along with college friend and business partner ManjeetMahato in 2019, and named it Daily Research Plot. Since then the portal has gained the audience exponentially.

While revealing his secrets he said, “I don’t think there is any shortcut to the success but, there is always an alternate and better way of doing any work, which can give better result than the traditional one.”

Balram along with the co-founder ManjeetMahato has also launched a group of websites with FTT Media, under which the company has already launched separate websites for every genre of content like FTTTVPedia.Com for TV Series and News, FTTAnime.Com for Anime News and Manga Series Updates and FTTGossips.Com for Celebrity Gossips and more. And the team is determined to launch a few more websites in another genre too next year.

At this launching event, the founders said that “We believe in Quality and Optimization, the quality in your content is the most important part but the targeting of right kind of audience at the most suitable time is one of the crucial key points for any content creator’s growth.”

When Balram was asked about his mantra of success in this digital age he said “The belief in the team, collaborative working environment, and regular brainstorming for the improvement of content to increase the overall user experience are the few most valuable key points on which the team Daily Research plot is working.”

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