BurzinDaver proudly announces the setting up of LAT

Besides repairing and replacing cabin parts like seats, tray tables, seat covers, shrouds, major focus area will be carpet refurbishment

BurzinDaver has yet another reason to be proud. He is awaiting the official opening of LAT, the new aircraft refurbishment center of the company in Mumbai.This time around, the company is set to inaugurate the Aircraft Maintenance unit equipped with the latest and top-of-line advanced equipment and tools to offer flawless services to its clients.

LAT is an aircraft maintenance and refurbishment center being setup in Mumbai.

The facility will open its doors and provide cabin part repair services to most domestic airlines in the country. The company has already signed MoU with AIR INDIA, the country’s flagship airline company. The exclusive contract with AIR INDIA empowers LAT with a cabin upgrade program, ensuring that all wide-body aircraft in the fleet get a cabin upgrade. The long-term agreement is a major boost to Burzin’s foray into round-the-clock aircraft maintenance services.

Besides repairing and replacing cabin parts like seats, tray tables, seat covers, fairings, and shrouds, one major focus area of LAT will be carpet refurbishment. For AIR INDIA, too, the facility will have periodic repair and replacement of carpets giving the aircraft a consistently fresh and new look time and again.

LAT will, however, not restrict its working to India’s premier airline company only. Mr. Daver is already in talks with other major airline companies in India, briefing them about how the facility can help them save on their annual maintenance and refurbishment costs. Built on the lines of world-class and international facilities, LAT can soon become the first stop for most domestic airlines to get the cabin parts renovated, saving the aircraft from making the trips abroad for repair. In this way, it can save fuel costs and the high refurbishment costs that airliners need to pay up to their foreign service providers every year.

Burzin’s efforts to make LAT a cutting-edge center

BurzinDaver has been focusedly working with his team members to build a state-of-art facility equipped with cutting-edge technology, the latest equipment, and tools to meet the servicing needs of the domestic aviation sector. For example, the new facility has a spray paint booth installed, an automated system that paints the parts at the end of the refurbishment work. Such minute detailing has been done to ensure that offers comprehensive refurbishment services to the domestic aviation sector.

LAT has got the official nod from the Director-General of Civil Aviation. The AIR INDIA agreement is a big win for Mr.BurzinDaver. He has a very qualified and talented team to support him, with LAT being headed by top aviation professionals. Besides investing in technology, Burzin has ensured that the right team is on board to offer round-the-clock services and meet the assigned target of 10,000 parts repair monthly. LAT is CAR145-approved and will be a niche service point in the coming years.

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( Source : Spotlight )
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