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Luisa Zhou, the entrepreneur and teacher taking online education to a new level

Published Sep 12, 2020, 5:27 pm IST
Updated Sep 12, 2020, 5:27 pm IST
Today, Zhou is the creator of one of the best digital courses available on building your own online business
Luisa Zhou
 Luisa Zhou

Luisa Zhou has been working relentlessly over the past few years to help as many people as possible build their own profitable and meaningful online business.

Sometimes it can take a lot of trail and error to figure out what we really want from our careers, and how our various talents can best support us. But what often happens is that the struggle can result in something truly beautiful and meaningful.


That’s what happened for successful entrepreneur and renowned online business teacher Luisa Zhou.

Her journey is an inspiring story of how the hard-working daughter of immigrants studied her way into Princeton University and then went on to go from Electrical Engineer to millionaire entrepreneur before the age of 30.

While also having enjoyed a very successful corporate career and having been the driving force behind the success of many others along the way.

Today, Zhou is the creator of one of the best digital courses available on building your own online business. Through her teachings, her business has transformed the lives of thousands of students, helping them to build their own online businesses.


As a child, Zhou didn’t dream of becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, according to her, she “dreamt of becoming the head honcho at a large corporation.”

That dream led her to start her career as an engineer for the International Space Station. Chasing her own fulfillment, Zhou then went on to pursue different jobs in different industries.

By the age of 25, she was already a six-figure earning, high-salaried manager at a digital advertising tech start-up, overseeing millions of dollars in business each year.

However, Zhou felt she was still missing something. That’s when she started her first online business on the side (Microsoft Excel consulting).


A few years and failed attempts later, Zhou stumbled upon her first successful online business teaching others the digital advertising skills that she had gained in her job.

Within just four months, she had made more than 6-figures in sales, while still working full-time.

Only then, when her business had generated enough revenue to replace her salary, did Zhou turn in her notice. This is a point that Zhou emphasizes frequently: Minimize your risk and maximize your chances of success by staying at your job until your business can support you.


After turning in her notice, Zhou started getting questions about how she’d been able to build a business that replaced her salary.

And how she’d been able to do it before she’d left her job. That’s when Zhou developed her flagship Employee to Entrepreneur program and started teaching others to start their own profitable online business.

So far, she has helped thousands of people start their business, making 30K to 100K (or more) in less than a year. (Thanks to the effectiveness of her program, and the subsequent testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals, her own business crossed over a million dollars in sales in its first year.)


Having been in business for nearly six years, Zhou’s favorite part continues to be the successes of her students as they build and grow their own online businesses.

According to Zhou, she has earned massive recognition in her industry because she has always focused on doing the “simple things that make a big difference.”

She herself coached more than a thousand students through her Employee to Entrepreneur course in its four years, and used the experience she gained in doing so to make massive improvements to her course each time.  


She also ran the program live for the first four years, showed up every day in the live support group, and answered questions personally.

That allowed her to create what is now a comprehensive and robust self-study course with a detailed library of coaching call recordings and content that gives students everything they need to build their own online business.

What’s more, Zhou has consistently created valuable free content for over five years. That includes three to five emails every week to her email audience, monthly blog articles, regular Facebook live streams, weekly YouTube tutorials, and more.


As a result, Zhou has managed to build a combined audience of well over 100,000 people from all over the world across her email list and various social media channels.

Thousands of whom have invested in and used her collection of courses to build and grow their own online business. All of this has also given her an unparalleled collection—in terms of quantity and quality—of student testimonials.

How does Zhou do it? According to her, it’s simple. (Which she’s careful to clarify is not the same thing as easy.)

She teaches people how to create value in the world by leveraging their existing skills and knowledge to create their own online business. In turn, this allows her students to get paid for serving others, and in the process, build an amazing business and life for themselves.


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