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Toyam Industries entered into 51% Joint Venture with Rajwada Cricket League

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Published on: April 11, 2022 | Updated on: April 11, 2022

RCL is a professional league for T20 Cricket in India and has been hosting league matches, since 2016, under Kota Cricket Association

Chairman of Rajwada Cricket League Shri Amin Pathan and MohamedAli Budhwani, chairman of Toyam signing the MOU.   By arrangement

Chairman of Rajwada Cricket League Shri Amin Pathan and MohamedAli Budhwani, chairman of Toyam signing the MOU. By arrangement

Toyam Industries Ltd. (TIL) has successfully entered into a MOU with Rajwada Cricket League (RCL), to acquire a 51% stake in the League. RCL is a cricket league associated with Kota Cricket Association which, in turn, is part of Rajasthan Cricket Association, Jaipur.

Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Mohamedali Budhwani (TIL) said "I am extremely pleased with this development. The signing of this MOU marks our entry into a sport, cricket, which is followed as a religion not only in our country but worldwide. More importantly, this JV also underlines our intent to be a complete sports management company and provide opportunities to deserving talent, across the sporting community, in the country.

RCL is a professional league for T20 Cricket competition in India and has been hosting league matches, since 2016, under Kota Cricket Association. Upto 15000 spectators had assembled to see these league matches, with yearly league tournaments being conducted till 2019. With CoVID norms being enforced throughout the country till sometime back, the league (like several other activities) had to take a hiatus. With the norms now being relaxed, JV plans to organise 7th Edition annual tournament during FY23. We also intend capitalizing on the JV partner’s mutual strengths to cement the league’s foothold and increase visibility."

"While there are other cricketing leagues who we are in active negotiations with, the reason for us to prioritize this venture was because of the pedigree of owner of the league, Mr. Amin Pathan. With cricket being one of the most integral parts of his life, Mr Pathan has been actively involved in cricket administration in the state for several years now. Not only that, but he was also a prolific fast bowler during his cricketing days. And rightfully so, Mr. Pathan is now the Vice President of the Rajasthan Cricket Association. Alongside, Mr Pathan is also the Chairman – Dargah Committee Dargah Khwaja Saheb Ajmer (Govt. Of India) and a Former State minister (Govt. of Rajasthan)."

"This move will not only help broaden our gambit but assist the company immensely benefit from the sporting experience and influence that personalities like Mr. Pathan bring to the table. Now I can confidently state that our carefully thought-out strategy is on track and will see the company metamorphize into a much bigger sporting venture that what it is today. And with this endorsement (JV with RCL), I and our investment committee are even more enthused to speeden up other engagements."

Promoter and Chairman, RCL, Amin Pathan said "RCL and myself, we are excited to be a part of Toyam Industries Ltd., having vision to promote each and every sport in India. Being a sport person throughout my life, I have seen so many intelligent hard working and smart sportsmen/sportswomen failing to reach their desired destination in achieving something for their village/ city/ district/ state/ country due to lack of capital and all financial support. Toyam Industries Ltd. on the other hand is trying to address exactly this problem of promoting sportsman through financial assistance and visionary outlook of making India commendable in sports."

About Toyam Industries Ltd.

Toyam Industries Ltd. (TIL) is the only publicly (BSE) listed company, run passionately by sports enthusiasts, engaged in sports promotion and management. TIL successfully conducted the "Kumite-1 League," in the presence of legendary Mike Tyson, and is now implementing the league’s vision through its reality TV show, "Kumite-1 Warrior Hunt."

About Rajwada Cricket League

Rajwada Cricket League is an expert association for T20 Cricket rivalry in India. It was started by the Kota District Cricket Association in Kota under the connection of Rajasthan Cricket Association. The different players taking an interest in this cricket competition extend from players of International Cricket, ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup, IPL, Ranji Trophy and different other states in addition with local cricket tournaments. The players incorporate such as Pankaj Singh, Deepak Chahar, Mahipal Lopror, Nathu Singh, Khalil Ahmed, Ashok Menaria and Rajesh Bishnoi.

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