The journey of Ashish Mathur from a dance choreographer to an entrepreneur

In 2018, he also formed an association called NAWA (National Artists of Welfare Association) to help artists

Ashish Mathur is basically a dance choreographer but with his exceptional skills, he wears different hats. With his exceptional choreography skills, he is able to emerge as a competitive dancer in the country. His good understanding of dance is able to help him to work with top celebrities in Bollywood. With his competence in dancing skills, he is able to carve his niche hard in the industry. Some of the B Town actors he has worked with include Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Sonakshi Sinha for the film Dabang. He started his dance company called Aasma Dance Company in 2004 and since then he has remained unstoppable.

The others whom he has worked with include Vidya Balan, Prachi Desai, Neha Dhupia and Sohail Khan to name a few. This has also helped Ashish to travel a lot in different nations and continents. He has travelled with his team with not less than 20 nations all across the world giving away some of the best performances before the world. He is also able to be the part of Artist Event Cricket League, which remains the biggest cricket league in North India by Aasma Dance Company & NAWA (National Artist Welfare Association) as founded by none other than the choreographer Ashish Mathur.

It was a big success as it was able to attract a good number of players and in 2019, AECL first season was organised at Wisteria Club, Gurugram. The very idea behind organizing the AECL was to unite the artists and the event related vendors together with different event management companies at one platform. They not only played cricket but at the same time were able to develop a good relationship with each other. The second season was organized in Delhi and it was even attended by the BJP former Delhi chief Mr. Manoj Tiwari as its guest.

In 2018, he also formed an association called - NAWA (National Artists of Welfare Association) where he deals with helping the artists and addresses their issues in a big way to sort out their problems. He is now gearing up for the third season of AECL, and a press conference was also thrown in the National Capital wherein top celebrities like Sapna Chaudhary, Shivani Kashyap, Tushar Josh and Sumeet Sethi to name a few. In a sense, Ashish Mathur is a versatile person with a core as a competent choreographer by heart.

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