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Piyush Singh Chauhan - A charismatic pioneer

Published Nov 11, 2020, 2:19 pm IST
Updated Nov 11, 2020, 2:19 pm IST
This young man of 27 years hailing from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh is endured in working meticulously for the welfare of people
Piyush Singh Chauhan.
 Piyush Singh Chauhan.

Most people think that being an entrepreneur is about having a big idea where to start something new, one need to have an idea that works. Life of an entrepreneur is tough and often hit by road blocks. Like it or not, building your own empire takes every bit of your heart, soul, blood, and sweat. This brings us to Piyush Chauhan is a dedicated & diligent person who puts in diligence in all his work areas every day.

This young man of 27 years hailing from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh is endured in working meticulously for the welfare of people:  the general public and society. He is the founder & CEO of Round O’clock Retail Pvt Ltd, which is India’s first 24/7 shopping mall. The chain in just two years into existence is valued at 100cr with a vision to set up a chain of such stores pan India . The company works with the motto of “Serves Every Second”


Piyush overcame many challenges that life threw at him & came out stronger after facing hurdles in life. He completed his Civil Engineering & then decided to jump into the retail industry with an aim to become an entrepreneur and provide opportunities and options to the youth of the new generation.

At a very young age, Piyush who has already achieved so much is still exploring more ways & different ideas to work in other sectors also where he fulfils his motto to “to serve everyone, to serve every second.” modernize it through innovative ideas and efforts.


Piyush is an ardent cricket lover and athlete believes that a man who plays is a man who is young. His passion in sports 2008 was awarded with a medal in the state-level long jump.  

As a philanthropist, Piyush has been active enough for working towards the welfare of children & their education as well. Being the Vice-Chairman of SR Group of Institutions (currently with 15,000+ students), he has facilitated meritorious school students who couldn’t afford their education financially. He also went ahead to help economically-weak engineering students from their respective branches.


Piyush is also the Board member in IPSUM Medicare & the Chief Advisor in VAGA Super speciality Hospital.  Anandiben Patel, Hon. Governor of Uttar Pradesh felicitated Piyush on February, 20 2020. for rendering his services in diagnostic centers & hospitals.

In a wake of pandemic and spread of Covid19 he deliberately took initiatives and collaborated with Food Safety & Drugs Administration of the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh in supplying essential commodities and minimizes the panic to a bare minimum. He motivated his entire team as corona warriors to serve the society and people holed up in their homes by supplying essential commodities to every nook and corner of the city. He also collaborated with administration of State providing transport to shift the migrated workers. The germs of Social Worker and Socialist flowing in his veins made him as a supportive Frontline worker in this covid crisis.  Piyush Singh Chauhan also provided backend support by facilitating premise for quarantine and rehabilitation center.


The business world is changing every minute where old companies are getting displace with a new one taking a charge. In this crazy world, one cannot afford to lose or get on the wrong track. Piyush Singh knows this fact as he has business in his blood. HIS FATHER Mr. Pawan Singh Chauhan (Edupreneur) is his mentor, his guru, his guide always taught him to keep his head above and eyes below. To work for those who are needy and down trodden keeping self at bay. We can say that there is no doubt that   Piyush is treading a path which will establish a milestone in times to come.