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How can you boost up your DROBO? These 5 tips have got your back!

Published Sep 11, 2020, 5:09 pm IST
Updated Sep 11, 2020, 5:24 pm IST
Drobo plays an important role to resolve the three major storage issues in a device
Drobo works faster than other RAID systems and it works regardless of what drives you are filling in it
 Drobo works faster than other RAID systems and it works regardless of what drives you are filling in it

Meet the safest and extensible storage solution followed by RAID technology, yes we are talking about Drobo. Anyone can get benefits through it as this is very easy to operate and also provides you a cost-effective and affordable solution.

Drobo plays an important role to resolve the three major storage issues in a device which are based on:


Drobo data recovery and protection.

Adjustable capacity; you can also enhance the limit of storage.

Easy to operate and use.

You just have to connect Drobo with your computer and add drives to enhance the limit of storage.

It also ensures data protection and provides safety against traditional RAID complexities.

Drobo works faster than other RAID systems and it works regardless of what drives you are filling in it. For example, when you directly connect Drobo 5D/5Dt with your computer by using the Thunderbolt port or USB port of 3.0 range of speed, it would have the capacity to reach approximately 400MB/s.


There are other Drobos as well that have even more speed and capacity like Drobo 8D/8Dt.

It will save you a lot of your money when you use mixed brand drives that possess different sizes or speeds. However, normal RAID systems require similar drives.

But still, Drobo seems to influence the overall speed of the system. But still, Drobo works superior due to its higher Drobo data recovery feature compared to a single standard hard disk. It’s working can be slowed down but you don't need to worry. If you see the device gets slower and something wrong is anticipated, then you need to go through some steps that can speed up it's working.


Pick up the right drives.

Hard drives are generally differentiated into two classes based on their working time. One is consumer class drives that have a duty cycle of 8-10 hours per day while the other is enterprise-class drives have a working capacity of 24 hours per day.

Moreover, hard disks are of different ranges of speed, starting from 5400RPM to 7200RPM. Drives of 7200RMP are considered as good compared to other drives, for they have greater read and write speeds. There will be more chances that your Drobo will work faster when you fill it with these drives. So, it has been advised to always use 7200RPM drives to achieve the ideal results of Drobo.


Adding more drives is far superior to adding large drives.

The greater number of drives in Drobo is directly proportional to its speed. So, it would be better to increase the number of drives in your Drobo instead of adding bigger drives. You will get better results when you fill the Drobo in such a way that no empty slots will remain i.e use of surplus drives.

For example, when you are using 5D/5Dt, it is recommended to use 5x 5TB rather than a pair of 16TB. 8D works even faster as it can add numerous drives. Always keep in mind the required storage when you are going to buy some drives for Drobo with the help of the Drobo calculator.


Use the large size volume and eject the device’s back-up volume.

The right formatting of the volume size in Drobo is of importance. You will be able to add more drives if you select large size volume settings and due to this, it will also show a single drive capacity on your desktop.

But if you use a small size volume, every time you will face an option with additional volume capacity. For example, your Drobo 5D has the hard disk drives of 8TB but still, you can extend it to 64TB when you insert more drives into it.

When you face a problem in which your device gets slower and you cannot comprehend what’s the main issue, then it might have some link with the back-up volume.


Drobo has a bandwidth of limited range and when you are retrieving data from the Drobo in the presence of activation of Time Machine, you would likely face slower speed. Another reason is back-up volume, so eliminate or unmount the back-up volume from your device, and you will see your Drobo will start working faster and improve the read and write speeds.

Leave some space; don’t overfill the Drobo.

When the drives reach their maximum capacity, the system will ultimately get slower. Drobo Dashboard software and Drobo 5D go hand in hand. With the help of the Drobo Dashboard, you can easily operate and manage your Drobo device.


When drives reach their maximum capacity, the Drobo Dashboard will start giving red or yellow signals due to which you can comprehend that the remaining storage is less due to which system gets slower.

At this point, you need to replace a smaller drive with a larger capacity drive to your Drobo. It has been seen that your system gets slower when you reach the remaining limit of 25%. You will get a faster speed when you leave at least 30% volume.

Installing MSATA-SSD will bring a better result.
SSD stands for solid-state drives and it works faster than other ordinary devices. Drobos type 5N2 and 5D3 are regarded as Accelerator Bay that permits MSATA-SSD to run.


Drobo retrieved the stored files over time in the presence of running  MSATA-SSD. The objective of using it is to improve the read speeds of those retrieved files.

It does not affect the written speed of those files as they are already stored in hard drives, and later on, the files will move to SSD if they become frequently used.

Speed up your Drobo

As the working of any machine can get slower, so with the Drobo, but there is always a possibility to make changes, and you can once again run it faster.

But make sure that you have made the right choice and picked up the good RAID box i.e Drobo. Whenever you anticipate any technical query regarding your Drobo, these tips can help you in many ways that you can count on!


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