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Abhilash Sahoo, a serial entrepreneur and of India's renowned brand strategist

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Published on: August 11, 2021 | Updated on: August 11, 2021

Abhilash is a digital marketing professional, an entrepreneur, and a seasoned branding strategist

Abhilash launched MoBhai in 2020 when the COVID epidemic had resulted in lockdown.

Abhilash launched MoBhai in 2020 when the COVID epidemic had resulted in lockdown.

In today's world, marketers in all industries are working hard to keep up with technological innovation and changing consumer trends. Major changes in the very foundations of their industry present difficult hurdles as well as great opportunities. Many small and big companies, startups, professionals, and institutions are realizing the potential of digital marketing in helping them achieve their business goals.

However, it is crucial that you have proper guidance and industry experts to assist you in this journey. A digital marketing strategy formulated by an experienced and certified Digital marketing expert will mitigate the risk of losing money and clients.

That is where Abhilash Sahoo steps in. Abhilash is a digital marketing professional, an entrepreneur, and a seasoned branding strategist. Abhilash established his own business at the early age of 17. And now, by the age of 30, he is the founder of multiple startups. In addition to managing his own ventures, Abhilash helped many aspirants to start their own business ventures.

"Digital marketers and entrepreneurs face a changing industrial landscape that involves not only new programs and regulations to follow, but also new consumer expectations. I specialize in creating the correct digital marketing tactics to create a better experience for the target audience. If you stay focused towards your goal and work hard to achieve it, then the sky is the limit.", says Abhilash.

Abhilash is now considered one of India’s most renowned brand strategist and digital marketing influencer. He shares his success stories with young entrepreneurs and career aspirants, and he has been instrumental in assisting many entrepreneurs and SMEs launch their ventures.

Abhilash Sahoo hails from Bhubaneswar. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Abhilash started focusing on Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Branding. His rich experience helped him establish a name for himself in the industry.

Abhilash used to organize many seminars and workshops on web development and ethical hacking in reputed engineering colleges across the state. Abhilash founded Infyways Solutions at the age of 17. Today, Infyways Solutions caters to the digital marketing needs of various niches and industries.

"Lack of integration leaves the consumer with a fragmented experience, where continuity and consistency are impossible. Where we can take control of an entire 'digital patient journey', we can deliver a superior experience.", says Abhilash.

Abhilash launched MoBhai in 2020 when the COVID epidemic had resulted in lockdown. MoBhai is an online home delivery service which provides, all the daily essentials such as groceries, fruits, vegetables, and cooked meals to people in his city. MoBhai was beneficial to the residents of Bhubaneswar since stepping out of the homes was not possible during the pandemic.

Expanding its horizon, MoBhai now has three more franchises in the state.
Being a problem solver, Abhilash understood the gravity of the situation and came up with this idea to resolve the difficulties that people were facing even to fulfill their basic needs. For all his noble efforts, he was featured in leading e-magazines and international journals.

He is a firm believer of the idea that you can fulfill all your dreams when you start believing in yourself. Abhilash is a great role model for the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow. He is young, enthusiastic and a go-getter who has proved that age is just a number when it comes to establishing, changing, and reforming great digital marketing innovations.

"We are moving from a web or mobile strategy only to a more global recognition of the "digital experience". This means going beyond 'digital marketing' as a stand-alone function and working collaboratively to provide solutions to today's customers who consider digital experience as important as a physical experience in a store or a face-to-face meeting.", says Abhilash Sahoo.

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