Vandana Anchalia's preparation in full swing for Ms. World International Pageant 2022

After winning Mrs India World International Title, Vandana is now preparing to represent India at the 2022 World International Pageant

The stairway towards achieving spectacular goals in life depends on how well-prepared you are. In simple words, preparation is the key to success. Among very few women, Vandana Anchalia is a live example who has transformed challenges into opportunities. Ever since she made her way as a finalist in the Mrs India World 2020-2021, the stunning lady is making waves on the internet. After winning the Mrs India World International Title, Vandana Anchalia is now preparing herself to represent India at the 2022 World International Pageant in Miami, Florida, USA.

Looked upon by women of all age groups, Vandana over the last few years has proved her mettle as a multi-faceted personality. Even after her marriage, the stunning lady continues to pursue her dreams and turn them into reality. Beginning her career as a sales executive, Vandana Anchalia even runs an animal welfare organisation named ‘Kannan Animal Welfare’ (KAW). Despite having a super-packed schedule, the beautiful model is focusing on improvising her skincare and fitness for the much-awaited beauty pageant.

To begin with, Mrs Anchalia believes in striking a balance between mental health and physical health. “Its important to focus on nurturing our Mindsets. It enables better opportunities to lazerfocus on our goals and fosters a state of mental and emotional well being”, revealed Vandana. For the much-anticipated beauty pageant, Vandana Anchalia is regularly doing meditation and is rigorously working out to maintain a fit body. Additionally, she stated that representing India on an international level is not just a golden opportunity, but also a huge responsibility she has on her shoulders.

Another important aspect of her preparation for the mega event is that Vandana has allotted fixed time for her tasks. Apart from household work, social work and her business, she gives dedicated time to skincare and workout as well. As far as her nutrition is concerned, Vandana is completely off oily and junk food. The kind of routine adapted by her has now become an integral part of her life. While summing it up, she said, “Discipline can either make or break your life. Always be true to yourself. After all, it doesn’t matter what opinions people have about you.” With a complete focus on bringing the beauty crown to India, it seems that Vandana Anchalia is all set to write history. We wish the ravishing woman lots of luck for her aspirations.

( Source : Spotlight )
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