Entrepreneurial couple Ricky and Linda reveal how to maintain Work-Life Balance

Overworking is a form of coping mechanism if you suffer from chronic anxiety or depression

Ricky Andrade and Linda Andrade are thriving entrepreneurs based in California. The duo met at a gym and like an invisible magnetic force, were drawn towards each other instantly.

They married a few years later and now, are debunking preconceived misconceptions surrounding entrepreneurial couples and the lack of ability to balance work and life.

While Ricky spends his day trading Forex and supervising his teaching facility Market Masters Academy, Linda manages hundreds of clients awaiting her at her medspa Flip Your Look. In this competitive world, it is easy to give in to the constant pressure to stay ahead and work incessantly, without any breaks.

However, Ricky and Linda have ascertained to not succumb to their workaholic tendencies and thus, maintained a close to ideal balance between work and life.
Here are 5 tips from these savvy entrepreneurs on how to excel at both - personal and work lives:

1. Set boundaries

The Andrades emphasize on setting boundaries for yourself when it comes to work. Every kind of work waxes and wanes - alternating between a busy interval and a comparatively less stressful season. It’s when you have an adequate amount of time in these slower intervals that you can devise boundaries concerning your work.

These boundaries can include using a separate computer or phone for work and notifying your colleagues about your engagement in personal activities.

2. Prioritize health

Overworking is a form of coping mechanism if you suffer from chronic anxiety or depression. Linda stresses the importance of prioritizing your mental and physical health and advises all budding entrepreneurs to not shy away from consulting a therapist or a doctor and calling in sick if they feel the sheer amount of work is taking a toll on their health.

3. Slice your life

Ricky quotes Samantha Ettus, the author of The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe for Success and Satisfaction, and explains how imagining his life as seven slices of a pie - career, children, health, hobbies, friends, community, and relationships - has redefined his outlook on living prosperously.

The trick is to write down your goals about each of these slices and make sure you fulfill them. Consequently, you will find yourself more productive and devoted to each aspect of your life and not just work.

4. Unplug

Taking breaks sounds counterproductive, however, like an exhausted battery that needs recharging, our brain also needs frequent breaks and a healthy sleep schedule to replenish.

Ricky and Linda recommend unplugging once in a while from your hectic routines to destress and rejuvenate. Unplugging can mean simple activities like meditating and reading a book or ardent pursuits like taking a vacation altogether.

5. Make time for your loved ones

A 75-year Harvard study shows that meaningful relationships are essential to living a successful and contented life. Ricky and Linda reinforce the same principle by recommending young entrepreneurs to plan one-on-one time with your loved ones and not discuss work during that dedicated period.

This will ensure that you are not neglecting them and are able to devote quality time despite your hectic routine.

While these few tips do not guarantee a perfect work-life balance, Ricky and Linda have incorporated them to optimally - if not perfect - manage their taxing work routines without abandoning their personal life and recommend all entrepreneurs to follow them as well.

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