5 tips for photographers to stay productive during the lockdown by Saurabh Panjwani

The key to tackle the blues during this worldwide lockdown is to stay resourceful and productive

Regulation of section 144, social distancing and other restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak has postponed or canceled all types of events, weddings and photoshoots. It has basically put the whole world on hold.

Professionals from various industries are revisiting their long lost passion and are finding ways to be productive to keep up the momentum while working from home.

But, what about people whose business demand them to get outside, travel, interact with other people, and capture memories, how can the adhere to the social guidelines? Don’t worry we got you covered!

Saurabh Panjwani, a Hyderabad and Mumbai based kids photographer, says, “there are plenty of ways to stay productive during this downtime. You can be productive even when you don’t have a project right now. This is the time when you can prepare for your next gig and stay productive!

For all the resourceful photographers who are fishing for ideas to keep their imagination, creative practices and business alive while staying at home, read below to know more.

Learn about Digital and Social Media Marketing

One step at a time. Digital marketing and social media are a go-to skill that can add up to your professional knowledge and business growth. Boost your online presence and create a brand image that will help you to gain some organic followers increasing your business domain. Use your skills and capture your quarantine.

Discover new ways to Retouch Photos

The goal is to keep getting better and the key to do it is to keep improving! Give time and search informative videos on youtube. Learn tips and tricks to make your photo editing process seamless. You can get presets and other editing software to help you at the time of editing.

Do Client Research

Research about your client and know their requirements. This will give you an upper hand in finding out the trends and types of photography your clients are interested in. Prepare yourself with new ideas and inspirations to find a new perspective on photography.

Keep in touch

Make a routine call to your clients to stay updated and get feedback. Talk to the people who just postponed their photo-shoots, so that when they plan the session again they surely contact you. This is important to make them realize that you are interested in their idea and are trustworthy and resourceful.

Work on Personal Projects

While dealing with clients, many photographers forget about their own personal projects. Work on your personal growth and go back to your real passion for photography and do something for yourself.

The key to tackle the blues during this worldwide lockdown is to stay resourceful and productive. Taking a day or two to relax and working on some other projects will also help.

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