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Archana Jain talks about financial independence of women

Published Apr 11, 2021, 8:26 pm IST
Updated Apr 11, 2021, 8:26 pm IST
Archana believes a financially empowered women is not just more confident but also more productive and creates a perfect work-life balance
Archana Jain
 Archana Jain

From excelling in areas like the arts, sports, governance to pursuing the professions of their choice, from winning the world with the beauty and grace to landing in space and beyond, women have come a long way in empowering themselves. Yet when it comes to handling their finances, a lot of women still leave it to the men (if not entirely, partially) in their lives.

Although most women understand the importance of being financially independent some lack the confidence in their own ability to manage finances well. However, women should know and believe the fact that they are equally good if not better at making sensible money decisions (imagine you’re saving skills or purchase choice).


Just like financial independence is paramount, confidence to manage one’s own money is important too. No matter what stage of life, each phase has individual goals and objectives which ultimately strive for one thing – Financial Freedom. And the last thing they want is financial worry to overshadow their lives

Financial independence is not just about having funds in your individual and joint accounts and investments; it’s also about the ability to take strong decisions in times of need and uncertainty. It’s a big step and requires a shift in your attitude and lifelong beliefs; but it’s not unachievable and having achieved it will ensure a comfortable and meaningful life.


Archana Jain believes a financially empowered women is not just more confident but also more productive and creates a perfect work-life balance.

Be so powerful and influential that u have the courage to move out in the world with confidence

Five important points for financial independence

Justice for All – Domestic /sexual abuse or other social evils such as early marriages can be mitigated via financial independence. It will not only ensure that women have the power/money to independently report cases against heinous crimes, but also make them capable to fight for justice in the court of law.


Personal growth – Through societal constraints, a woman’s self-confidence is systematically destroyed, resulting in a constant emotional struggle. Since they are dependent financially, they cannot invest in personal/professional growth either, leading to a permanent limbo, which leads to suppression. In such a scenario, financial independence can be a beacon of liberation and increase the scope for personal growth manifold.

Decision making – Financial independence provides women the benefits of decision making, since they can choose to live by their terms, make mistakes and learn from them. As earners and spenders, it gives women the power to be active problem solvers and community builders.


Women entrepreneurship – Facilitation of financial independence and decision-making gives women power to transform themselves into leaders and entrepreneurs. Women can then provide jobs, be mentors and role models for other budding leaders

Family planning – Population continues to be a daunting issue which can be curbed significantly by making women financially independent. Information regarding contraceptive precautions along with provisions can be utilized efficiently by women earners of the house. Undoubtedly inclusion & diversity, pay equity and education are the pillars that will create more and more financially independent women. Fundamentally, change is a choice we make every day; by removing the onus of financial responsibility from the husband, son, father and brother and placing it in ourselves – by learning how to save and invest (information can be found at on-ground centers & online forums) – we can be powerful harbingers of change. The need of the hour is to take the reins of action in our hands, combine our efforts by supporting one another and make a decision every morning, to be truly unstoppable in body and spirit


Be Independent so that you can be mentally secured too.


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