Thames honors Dr Mali with Honorary Doctorate and Iconic Visionary Award

Thames International University proudly announces the collaboration with the Global Human Rights Council for Peace & Sustainable Development – USA, presenting the prestigious Indian Business Leadership and Educator Award. This esteemed event is scheduled for January 20, 2024, at Country Inn & Suites, Candolim Goa, and is anticipated to be attended by dignitaries, ministers, and notable figures, including Dr Ripu Ranjan Sinha, Prof (Dr) Shanmuganathan, and Dr Priyadarshi Nayak.

As part of this momentous occasion, the university is set to confer honorary doctorates on distinguished individuals, with a spotlight on the official World Peace Ambassador, Dr Sangramsinh Mali. This accolade is reserved for those who have made remarkable contributions to their fields, inspiring growth, national development, and the advancement of humanity, peace, and sustainable development. He shall also receive the Iconic Visionary Award for Global Peace at the Indian Business Leadership and Educator Award for his contribution towards World Peace.

Dr. Mali, recognized globally for his leadership and contributions, will receive an Honorary Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Cyber Security. The university senate, after careful consideration of Dr. Mali's credentials, has approved this distinction, acknowledging his exceptional accomplishments. Dr Mali has received accolades for his contributions, including a doctorate from the Obama Foundation and the National Excellence Award scheduled for January 2024.

In addition to his global recognition, Dr Mali, has been invited to participate in the Asia Business Conclave & Awards in Singapore, where he is expected not only to contribute as a panelist but also to be recognized as a winner in one of the award categories. Also, the upcoming TEDx event in Jaipur, themed "Humans Contribution to Global Climate Change," will feature Dr Mali as a keynote speaker. His talk, titled "Healing Earth, Healing Hearts," will explore the intricate dynamics between human activity and the delicate balance of our planet's climate. Dr Mali, known for his dedication to global peace and expertise spanning environmental initiatives, social work, sports, and entertainment, is poised to bring a unique and insightful perspective to the conversation.

Dr Sangramsinh Mali's leadership roles within government associations and global entities have solidified his reputation as a driving force behind numerous peace initiatives in India and abroad. His ongoing initiative, the creation of a Centre for Humanity, reflects his commitment to positive change and positioning India as a potent ambassador for global peace.

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( Source : Spotlight )
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