KYE Global announcing the top 30 Entrepreneurs of the Nation

After getting so much love and attention from all over the world, KYE Global became a family of 1200+ members

KYE Global welcomes Professionals, Businessmen, Bloggers, Artists, Doctors, and many more. KYE Global, (earlier known as Kanpur Young Entrepreneurs) is a community of professionals and entrepreneurs, founded by Yash Agarwal (Popularly known as "meagarwalyash"). It's the first community of its own kind. KYE was launched by none other than Mr. Yash Agarwal under the banner of FMK Marketing (Fit Me Kanpur Marketing).

Initially KYE Global used to add the members that belong to Kanpur only, but after receiving immense love from all the corners of the nation, it started welcoming members throughout the world, and now it is a global community of professionals who support each other.

In 2019, KYE Global was established. Around 300 influencers, bloggers, models were invited to its first meet and greet held with an award function where Top 15 bloggers and influencers were honored and awarded for their outstanding work in their field.

After getting so much love and attention from all over the world, KYE Global became a family of 1200+ members.

KYE Global community has always been responsible for their work. Since we all should be vigilant citizens, KYE Global has taken multiple initiatives towards to betterment of society as well as the conservation of the environment. The community has always been concerned about society and took initiatives like distributing stationaries to the underprivileged kids, providing basic necessary furniture items to an open school where children used to sit on the cold floor and study.

'They need your Hand' campaign, launched by KYE Global on Dec 16, 2019, under which stationery items and books were distributed to 50+ kids. A day before Christmas, on 24 Dec 2019, a Christmas party was organized specially to bring a smile to the faces of poor kids by distributing Christmas presents to them.
KYE Global assures that it will always give back to mother nature. Keeping this thought in mind, KYE Global organized a Tree Plantation Drive on Oct 13, 2019.

It was the participation of around 50 people where more than 140 trees were planted.

Then a few months later, KYE Global revealed its list of Young Entrepreneurs for the year 2020-2022, which includes individuals from various professionals such ad artists, doctors, fitness experts, businessmen, etc.

Keeping the idea of giving to society, KYE Global created Kanpur Blood Donation Group during the COVID-19 period in 2020 and provided access to items like Oxygen cylinders, Beds, food, medicine, etc. It was a crucial time when almost every family was under lockdown and a Pandemic crisis where the availability of oxygen cylinders and other basic medical needs were in the least amount. Later Kanpur Blood Donation Group turned into 'KBDG' as it started adding volunteers from various cities.

On 26 July 2021, KYE Global organized a drive called 'Open Your Wings, Break the Boundaries'. It was the Bloggers and Influencers meet. Here, the topic of the discussion was 'Problems faced in the Blogging Field'. It was a meeting of around 50+ bloggers and influencers of the city in association with APRAJITA a worthwhile initiative by Amar Ujala.

Now, KYE Global is revealing the list of '30 under 30 Entrepreneurs & Influencers ' which include individuals from various professions like cooking, fitness, digital marketing, wellness, events, fashion, beauty, arts, etc.

⦁ Priya Barasia
(@smalltownie) - Best Digital Creator in Kanpur, UP

⦁ Nikhil R Narode
(@iconik_marathi) - Best Youtuber in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

⦁ Sakshi Khatri
(@sakshikhatrimua) - Best Makeup Artist in Mumbai, Maharashtra

⦁ Yash Agarwal
(@meagarwalyash) - Best Digital Marketing Expert in Kanpur, UP

⦁ Kshama
(@kshama3091) - Best Dentist in Mumbai, Maharashtra

⦁ Varun Mehrotra
(@vigilant_varun) - Best Chef in Kanpur, UP

⦁ Komal Parakh
(@komalparakh2021) - Best Educator and Thought Leader in Mumbai, Maharashtra

⦁ Shikha Jaimin Patel
(@_shikha__patel_) - Best Fashion Content Creator in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

⦁ Tanmay Goyal
(@tany_1919) - Best Entrepreneur in Jaipur, Rajasthan

⦁ Dr. Sneha Bhaskar Adsule
(@drsnehal_adsule) - Best Doctor in Mumbai, Maharashtra

⦁ Shreyasee Konar
(@shreyaseekonar) - Best Artist in Navi Mumbai

⦁ Sandeep Molugu
(@sandysartistry) - Best Makeup Artist in Hyderabad, Telangana

⦁ Gautam Udhani
( - Best Digital Blogger

⦁ Vishnu Kumar CG
(@Vishnukumarayuryoga) - Best Yoga and Ayurvedic Practioner in Hong Kong

⦁ Vivek Nathwani
(@viveknathwani) - Best Digital Marketer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

⦁ Kaveri Vij
(@designereventsinc) - Best Wedding Planners in New Delhi

⦁ Tarun Kumar Pamnani
(@pamnani.tarun28) - Best Chit Fund company in Kanpur, UP

KYE Global always makes sure to be a noble community to which not only promotion matters, but it makes sure that its members should contribute to the goodness of society.

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