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What does your horoscope say about going abroad: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi 

Published Dec 10, 2020, 8:39 pm IST
Updated Dec 10, 2020, 8:39 pm IST
The study of Houses in a horoscope for foreign education or prospects of overseas tours is one of the astrology branches
Dr. Vinay Bajrangi helps you unravel the secrets behind the role Astrology in helping your dreams of abroad settlement by date of birth.
 Dr. Vinay Bajrangi helps you unravel the secrets behind the role Astrology in helping your dreams of abroad settlement by date of birth.

Foreign Travel to study and settling abroad is a dream most youngsters nurture inside their hearts and minds from an early age. But this dream comes true only for a few of them. Apart from your educational qualification and other resources, there is one more aspect of your life that could be either a support or a roadblock in your fulfilling this dream. That aspect is your date/place/time of birth is reflected in your birth-chart/horoscope. The study of Houses in a horoscope for foreign education or prospects of overseas tours is one of the astrology branches. It has gained importance in the past 3-4 decades since the world is continuously shrinking in size. One of the top best astrologers in India, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, helps you unravel the secrets behind the role Astrology in helping your dreams of abroad settlement by date of birth.

Q: Is it possible to provide foreign settlement predictions by date of birth?


Dr. Vinay Bajrangi – Yes it is quite possible! The foreign settlement is a coveted dream of many youngsters. An experienced astrologer can definitely predict your prospects regarding foreign settlement by studying your date of birth through astrology. By studying your Yoga for abroad settlement, it is quite possible to spell out the predictions of settling abroad for career and studies. About half a century ago, travelling abroad for work or resettlement was rare and reserved only for the rich and influential people in society. Also, since most people didn't want to leave their motherland, travelling abroad was considered a Dosha (malefic combination) in the horoscope. However, with changing times, even as travel has become safer and faster than it was in the past, the thing considered Dosha has transformed into a Yoga (benefic combination). Astrology indeed impacted your decisions to travel and settle abroad even before people wished to consult an astrologer. But with the advent of times and there is growing awareness regarding approaching an astrologer now. Nowadays, astrologers are also equipped to carry out remedial measures to strengthen an individual's planetary combinations regarding travel overseas and settle there.


Q – Is travelling abroad for studies different from settling abroad?

DVB – There are certain combinations in your horoscope, which reveal whether you possess the Yoga to travel to a foreign land for studies or not. Similarly, there are combinations to reveal the prospects of your settling abroad. And both these are different things to study and predict. It is typical of people to misunderstand one for another. There is a shade of difference between the Yoga for travelling abroad to study and the Yoga for travelling abroad to settle. If your astrologer has experience of every postulate of astrology, he or she can distinguish these issues clearly from each other.


Q – Does our horoscope indicate about overseas travel?

DVB: Your Date, time, and place of birth make your horoscope, and an able astrologer can reply to all your queries based on his study of the same. If you also have any anxiety regarding your travelling abroad, an able astrologer will deduce the same from your date of birth and your horoscope. I've already explained that travelling abroad is a vast term to deal with. One can be travelling abroad for a holiday, or official work, education or business. There are similar-looking planetary combinations for each of these conditions, but it will take an experienced astrologer to distinguish what precisely that combination indicates about your foreign travel. It isn't uncommon for uninitiated individuals to be misguided by inexperienced astrologers, who may claim to know it all. Still, in reality, such astrologers end up doing more harm than good for their clients. A native must go to consult an able & experienced astrologer to know whether he would be able to go abroad according to date of birth.


Q: Is it possible to get predictions about the timing of foreign travel?

DVB: Absolutely, yes! It is the primary duty of an astrologer to announce to his client about his migration's probable time. The first thing an astrologer does is evaluate the strength of the client's "Going abroad Yoga" and then the time that will be taken to the eventual fructification of the same. This involves the assessment of the Dasha (Period) in consonance with the Gochar (Transit). It has been seen that despite having the Yoga to go abroad, a native has been unable to do so because the same Yoga was not to fructify during his lifetime. Therefore, a detailed study of your horoscope helps the astrologer to predict timing of foreign travel for you.


Q: Which planet is seen for foreign travel?

DVB: I can understand the origin of this question because many of my followers and my students keep asking me about it. People are generally interested in knowing about it because they believe that strengthening this planet would enhance their chances of overseas tours. However, instead of just one planet, it is a combination of planets with specific affiliations, which govern the signification of travelling abroad. However, if one has to select a planet, as a prime planet, for overseas tours, it has to be 'Rahu.' Rahu is the primary planet guiding your foreign travels. This is because Rahu is foreign and alien by nature and, thus, significant in case of your travel abroad. In a simple language, I would tell you – Rahu, in conjunction with the 9th or 12th houses, can make it possible for you to go abroad. As I said earlier, there is no one planet, which can facilitate your travel abroad. So, Ketu is another planet that can make you settle abroad. However, whatever I've said so far is generic in conclusion. To learn appropriately about your Yoga's significance in travelling abroad, an astrologer needs to properly analyze your charts.


Q: How can one find out about foreign Yoga in horoscope/Kundali?

DVB: First and foremost, you need to go to an able and honest astrologer, who has enough experience in this direction. The migration of a native from his homeland to a foreign land is dependent upon many yogas in your horoscope. I have dealt with no of cases & done a lot of research in this direction, and therefore, I can share some pointers with you -

   1. If Rahu is in the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and first house of your horoscope, you might get a chance to go overseas.


    2. If your 9th house is connected with the 11th house, your chance of travelling abroad is more.

    3. There is an arc formed between Sun & Mercury. Your chances of going overseas are as strong as that angle is wide.

    4. In case the planet Ketu influences your horoscope's second, fourth, and seventh houses, your chances improve.

However, this is not all. There are additional planetary combinations, which have a positive impact on your chances of going overseas. All said and done, you must keep this in mind that a wrong prediction can ruin your career.


Q: How to strengthen planets of foreign travel?

DVB: Let me begin by saying that predicting or suggesting a remedial measure for travelling/settling abroad is the trickiest thing to do. The seventh, ninth, and eleventh houses in your horoscope are generally related to foreign travel. It may sound a bit intimidating, but your astrologer will help you traverse this bit of information easily – These are the houses that obstruct your Char (Moveable sign), Stir(Fixed sign), and Dwiswbhav (Dual sign) Rashis, respectively. In case an experienced astrologer is able to rectify and strengthen the foreign travel houses, he or she may indirectly end up strengthening these Bhadhaka (obstructionist) houses. But increasing the strength of Bhadhaka houses may prove counter-productive in the following ways -


    1. The complete diminishing of the possibility of foreign travel.

    2. Your foreign journey may end up in a loss.

    3. You may have to return to your home country before the profitable period starts.

    4. You may eventually get disillusioned with staying in a foreign country and may want to come back home in desperation.

    5. There may be a chance of getting involved in legal issues, resulting in your return.

Therefore, before you decide upon any kind of remedial measures, you need to ensure that you are on the right path. That would be possible only if you are in the hands of an experienced astrologer.


Q. Can you predict best period of settling abroad?

DVB: Queries regarding how or when you will be able to settle abroad have apt answers in the domain of astrology. In fact, if an able astrologer handles your case, you will receive reliable as well as authentic answers to your questions. Whether it is astrology for foreign education or going overseas or settling abroad, people often seek answers to questions like these. During my past experience as a renowned career astrologer, I have been helping clients find satisfactory answers to such questions and more. An honest assessment of the birth-chart/horoscope can help your client plan his life profitably.


Q: Can astrology give predictions about study in abroad?

DVB: Astrology is perfectly equipped to present you with answers regarding predictions about studying abroad. This is possible with an in-depth analysis of the Yoga to study abroad by your astrologer. In one such instance, I was once approached by a mother of a young girl, who had passed Class 12. When I studied her charts, I told her that her daughter had travelling abroad Yoga, higher education at distance place yoga and the fructification of both was in progress. When I told the mother that her daughter would be studying abroad for her undergraduate course, she was taken aback because nobody in her family had even dreamt of that. Eventually, the girl took the relevant test and won scholarship to study in the US.


Q: Astrology for business in a foreign country: How does it work?

DVB: The answer is once again, definitely yes! An experienced astrologer can find out more about your prospects of doing business in a foreign country by interpolating the business yoga with your foreign land yoga. If you can attain an honest, detailed study of your horoscope, you will not only do business abroad but also see your business flourishing.

This was the crux of discussions with one of the famous astrologers in India, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi on foreign settlement in your future. For other queries, one can visit or call his office on +91 9278665588/9278555588



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