Prince2 Certification: A boon for both Professionals and Organizations

Prince2 certification is one such certification that helps project managers and organizations to design best methodology to serve a client

Project management is a process of finding the best way to manage your work and control it through various stages of the project. The picture is always bright, but you never know the efforts put in the background to create the image.

Different methodologies are used to serve different clients, industries, projects, tools, and teams. A hybrid of two or more can also be a solution to solve a critical project management task. But remember, all these methodologies are the known ones.

Which methodology to apply, how to proceed with the project management task, how to set your timelines, are all such questions that the project manager needs to answer. And Prince2 certification is one such certification that helps project managers and organizations to design the best methodology to serve a client. The aim is to achieve the client’s needs with the best methods in place.

Let us now divert our focus on what is Prince2 and how certification can be a boon for all the professionals, especially project managers. Also, how it helps organizations to reach their goals.

● What is Prince2 certification?

Prince2 is a short form for Projects IN Controlled Environment. It is a process set to manage a project from scratch till the delivery. Prince2 certification is prevalent in private as well as public sector around the globe.

The key highlights of Prince2 are that it will help to justify the company’s business, develop the best project management methodology, and the whole team will focus on a product-based approach.

The task is divided into stages, and timelines are mentioned along with the steps. Prince2 provides excellent control over the project management task resources, shows the unique capability of managing the business, and managing the project risk effectively if any.

The Prince2 methodology helps you in answering the fundamental questions of the project management like,

- By using a project management approach, what exactly are you trying to do?

- If a project management approach is fixed, then when are you planning to start?

- Using the approach, what all goals you are going to achieve?

- Will you need any help from any external parties to fulfill the project goal?

- How long will it take to complete the task?

- What will the costing for the management?

- What are the other costs involved in project management?

- How many resources will be utilized in the task?

By answering all these questions, Prince2 helps us to decide on a framework, an organized and a controlled plan before the project starts, and how a project will reach its conclusion.

The stages of the project management that you will learn during the Prince2 certification are,

a) To start the project

It is always challenging to start. It is necessary to determine the initiation of the project. Once a company decides that the project is viable to work on, the project board than checks whether it contains the business case, and determines the best way to manage the project. Along with this, they decide the person who will execute the whole process.

b) Initiation of the project

In this stage, several questions are answered like what work must be done during the project? How will the team execute the whole process? What are the risks that can come during the working of the project? How will the risks be answered and mitigated?

A brief scope of the project is designed during the process of initiation.

c) Share it with the client

Once the brief scope is prepared, the project board goes through it once and share it with the client. If changes are needed in the range, then it starts back from the initiation phase.

d) Assign a project manager and team

Once the approvals are done, and the project is ready to start work on, the project board initiates and assigns the project management task to a project manager capable of serving the client. Accordingly, a team is designed and assigned all the related tasks.

e) Managing the final project delivery

The project manager is responsible for delivering the final project as per the timelines mentioned at the time of initiation. The project manager is liable in case of any delay in the delivery. The project manager makes sure that the tasks are delivered on time and at the same time with all the risks and errors being solved.

f) Close the project once delivery is approved

Once the client approves that the delivered product suffice all their needs, then it is time to close the project. In case if the client asks for some additional changes or any update, then the process starts back from point 3.

The whole methodology of how to divide the entire project management task into stages, how to deal with each step, and finally, how to deliver the project is what you will learn in the Prince2 certification.

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