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There's Still Hope for America, A Patriot's Perception of his Nation

Published May 10, 2021, 9:40 pm IST
Updated May 10, 2021, 11:44 pm IST
He is the author behind the excellent best-selling book Optimizing America, the Wolfe Trilogy book
, Jarl Jensen is known as 'The Idea Guy', who offers businesses an opportunity to find their big solution.  — By arrangement
 , Jarl Jensen is known as 'The Idea Guy', who offers businesses an opportunity to find their big solution. — By arrangement

All countries in the world have experienced hardships and depressive episodes. Every nation has its own struggles and different ways to cope with them. During these tough times, a person's love for their country is put to the test. It is common human nature to think of themselves first when facing the current state of affairs.  People become selfish and think about themselves first, but the patriotic thing to do is to put the country first. A patriot would put the interests of the nation as their top priority and make decisions accordingly. Patriots consider the country's betterment equivalent to their own progress and vice versa. One person who is stepping up to the call is Jarl Jensen.

Jarl Jensen is an American patriot who is calling for action and taking action. He is an inventor, entrepreneur, and author and has immersed himself in businesses that contribute towards making America great.


Inventagon, Helping the World and the Nation

Jarl Jensen is an inventor by profession. His father was an engineer and an inventor with many patents. Influenced and inspired by his father, he contributed to a patent at sixteen. The fantastic father-son duo created a medical device that later led to the establishment of their wound care company 'Euromed.'

The spirit of innovation drove Jarl from the very beginning. He evaluated his options of how he could contribute to society.  As an inventor, his first opportunities came in the field of biomedical technology. Inventing, designing, and creating devices for the betterment of the people was his vision. And so, he laid the foundation for 'Inventagon,' his biomedical device innovation company, in 2009. Led under his guidance, the company has received the 'Medical Device Design Award' by MD&M in 2012.


Inventagon uses state-of-the-art technology to create innovative medical devices that not only simplify complex medical procedures but also improve patient's quality of life. Through his venture, Jarl employs talented young Americans. He helps nurture their ideas and solutions that have potential. According to him, providing a robust learning environment is the perfect way to create a win-win business between customers and employees.

Optimizing America, a Creative Attempt to Improve America's Economy

In addition to being an inventor and entrepreneur, Jarl is also a famous author. He is the author behind the excellent best-selling book Optimizing America, the Wolfe Trilogy book. The reality of America's Economy today is revealed in this book series. The banking system is the main factor that will sink the American Economy.


Optimizing America is a creative approach to amend the Economy of America.  Jarl is an engineer and therefore identifies the economy's problem factors that the economist is missing out on.  Jarl understands that it is the scientific pursuit of the truth and applied engineering that is missing from the financial system. 

After plenty of research and studies, Jarl figured out a solution. He viewed America's sinking Economy through the eyes of an inventor and thought differently from economists. His latest book 'The Big Solution' the third book in "The Wolfe Trilogy".  The book series revolves around Justin Wolfe's story – the lead character– who is the hero. He is a benevolent billionaire who has seen enough of the dysfunctional banking system.  The book is all about Wolfe's initial journey and his problems while cracking the puzzle that has put a noose around humanities neck.  


This book series is a thrilling page-turner that keeps the reader hooked. Jarl's new approach to solving the world's biggest problems is teaching the youngsters about the Economy through a captivating story that has been appreciated by many.

All About Jarl Jensen

As of today, Jarl Jensen is known as 'The Idea Guy', who offers businesses an opportunity to find their big solution.  Besides being an influential author, and inventor, he is also a thought leader that helps businesses to break free of their limited mindsets. His innovative thoughts allow him to see opportunities where others see limitations.  He thinks that a business's future solely depends on its leadership mindset, and showing them a new perspective can change everything.


Jarl's efforts to dismantle the ticking time bomb that is the American Economy is noble and the best chance America has for a sustainable and prosperous future.   So, he is helping individual businesses to see their big solution and allowing the nation to see the big solution for a better tomorrow. 


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