After Guinness Record, JC Chaudhry emerging as the Top Numerologist in the world

After winning the Guinness World Record, media around the world are flocking to know more about the ancient science

India is leading the Global Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation movements. Adding to the soft power arsenal of the nation, the prominent educationist JC Chaudhry is capturing the imagination of numerology enthusiasts across the planet. After winning the Guinness World Record, media around the world are flocking to know more about the ancient science that is more than 5,000 years old.

1. Applause for taking India to the top of the world once again, by winning Guinness World. How was the response ?

My mission in not personal, but to re conquer the top space that once Numerology held across the world. Our Nation India has contributed a lot to mathematics and numerology, but at the same time, ancient civilizations like Egypt, Chaldea (Mesopotamia), Greece and China also gave profound contributions to this science. Numerology is intangible heritage of humanity that we need to protect and propagate. This was one of the most prevalent and wide spread wisdom that is available in many prominent ancient culture.. Envisioning this, I went to create the Guinness World Record. This will help generate awareness regarding the enigmatic relationship between human life and numbers.

2. Your initiative of International Numerology Day was very innovative and we saw the global press covering it with importance. What are other ventures we can expect?

A day is celebrated because it can bring awareness to a particular cause or subject.

I visualised International Numerology Day also to codify and synergise this ancient insight and integrate it with the modern world in a more meaningful and profound way. It was inaugurated by Prof Rajendra Gupta (United Nations, IGF, Chairman). Some of the new initiatives which are coming up is Indian Institute of Numerology and International Numerology Forum.

IIN is for research, learning and development of this field. Codify and document the historical evolution of field, carry out documentation of various insights by mathematicians, philosopher and thinkers from the antiquity and also integrate modern technology for radiating the vision of numerology. This will help in creating world class numerologists from India who can be certified and they will also be empowered with all adequate skill to enhance the quality of life of the people who seek their mentoring.

3. Are you planning to being together numerologists around the world through ‘International Numerology Forum’ ?

In spite of having in depth greatness wisdom from many ancient civilizations couldn’t become a part and a parcel of our daily life because they were not codified and organised in a modern way. I wanted to initiate a modern movement that will codify and communicate the ancient wisdom. Mathematicians like Pythagoras pointed out that ‘God built the universe on number’. Numbers are some aspects we deal with daily. But we do not know the significance of it and by channelising it we can make our lives better. Synthesise the best from various cultures and integrate with researches and insights that the modern science and technology can bring.

International Numerology Forum is planning to open its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and reach out globally to numerologists to synthesize various branches of the discipline and to initiate more researches into this domain.

4. Many in Indian media were positively surprised by the global attention that your initiatives gathered. Did you expect such massive positive response from around the world ?

Man is always in need of guidance. Our forefathers looked towards the sky, the heavens for guidance. Heavenly bodies and Earth, Sky and Water, everything in the world has a ‘numerical element’. All our scientific calculations are based on such laws of nature and ‘mathematics of nature’. Numerology and all the enigmatic sciences brings out that inter connectedness that we have to the cosmos. This realisation is dawning on all major civilizations in the world now. I am happy regarding the massive response and I believe it is striking an inner chord.

5. Can you elaborate on ‘Numerology Audit’ and how can companies gain from it?

Numerology Audit can be an effective management tool to increase productivity and efficiency. This tool I have conceived is bringing radical transformations to many corporates and organisations. After doing calculation of their employees, I let them know how many percent of employees in their company are lucky, means whose Psychic and Destiny numbers are friendly to each other and how many are unlucky employees in their company. Numerology can create synergy of energy between various people, teams and organisations and I have been practising this for the past 38 years of my life. I have helped many companies including mine, media, entertainment and many other companies in accomplishing their objectives with the help of Numerology.

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