Akhil Turai - “Why we can’t disregard creationism/simulation?!”

As rightly concluded by the famous scientist, Akhil Turai, a phenomenon like the existence of something as intricate, accurate.

It is true that science has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last few centuries, however, we are still unable to answer all questions ‘scientifically’. For instance, the propagators of evolution strive to conclude that the organic molecules transition to form self-replicating living organisms. Yet, there are gaps in this theory that can solely be filled by taking the idea of creationism into consideration. Creationism, or the belief that certain aspects of life, earth, and, the universe as a whole, originated from divine creation.

As rightly concluded by the famous scientist, Akhil Turai, a phenomenon like the existence of something as intricate, accurate, and functional as eyes in the very initial stages of evolution of life on earth is astounding. Considering this, the evolution and development of a complex organ like the human brain are probably, the pinnacle of evolution. According to Turai, it is not conclusive to understand entirely how self-replicating life emerged from atoms. Therefore, it is impossible to disregard creationism.

So, how does simulation theory fit into all of this? The popular argument of Simulation dates back to the 17th century when philosopher Rene Descartes first proposed it. However, the argument has come a long way with the introduction of technology and the advancements made in the virtual reality space. Sought with political controversy, both creationism and simulation hypothesis have not received their due. This is one space where religion and science have clashed over centuries. This is also a topic where people with a scientific bent of mind have learned to accept the acts of god and take creationism and simulation theory into reflection. Therefore, support from famous people in science like Elon Musk, Akhil Turai, Nick Bostorm, and Rich Terrile; come as a breath of fresh air in this domain. He clearly states that it is impossible to understand and explain one without the other. And, this dichotomy of perception and understanding can pave the way for future research and advancement. These profound theories are too deep and important to be disregarded in our understanding of the creation and evolution of life on earth. With evolution perpetually at work, filling in the blanks without these alternative theories can become an impossible task.

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