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Zaleb Brown, the rising star of mixed genre music

Published Sep 9, 2020, 8:38 pm IST
Updated Sep 9, 2020, 8:38 pm IST
The mixed-genre type of music garnered a lot of attention from the mass since early this decade
Zaleb Brown
 Zaleb Brown

Today’s music industry is a mixture of old and contemporary genres. Similar to its artists, the whole scene is composed of a variety of talented people from different nations, cultures, ages, and singing styles.

Hence, anyone can be a part of the spontaneously growing population inside the creative enterprise.


The mixed-genre type of music garnered a lot of attention from the mass since early this decade. There is also an enormous count of soaring personalities embraced by the patrons. Yet, there stands out, a man of outstanding aptitude. It is none other than Zaleb Brown.

The 24-year-old lad has exceedingly reached the expectations of the audience.

His beautiful voice was first streamed on social media platforms as he posted his first-ever song cover entitled When We Were Young by Adele. This content of his hit over millions of views and counting.


Zaleb Brown had a hard time opening up his potential to the whole world. For years of his life, he started singing in private. He never thought that he could make it up to the place right where he is today.

Although his family is an avid fan of music, which probably influenced him to sing, he still opted to hide his talent.

One of the explanations for restraining himself from sharing his voice is because he had a stutter. However, back in 2016, he managed to overcome such negativity brought by the speech disorder and started his singing career.


Starting small by just making song covers, Zaleb has already released two singles entitled Unconditional and Projection.

These singles are his collaborations with his brother, Jdagr8.

His solid exemplars are his favorites— Adele, Khalid, his brother Jdagr8, Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and more. He has also been crafting different ideas from the styles and genres adopted by these people.

His recent single release, Projection, is a soulful Pop x R&B music accompanied by smooth EDM overlay. Its lyrics deeply strike right thru the feelings of every listener.


On the other hand, Unconditional conveys an inspiring message. It was intentionally dedicated to strengthen and appreciate the part taken by the family when the odds come along. The two are now available on many streaming platforms, including Spotify and YouTube.

Recently, he released a new song cover entitled Every Breath You Take by The Police. The timeless song comes in a very electrifying mood.

It is uplifting in various that people will find themselves stuck at pressing the replay button over and over again. Having Zaleb add his touch to the song elevates the whole listening experience.


Beyond the success of the rising star is his undeniably number one support system, his family. He claims to be so overwhelmed and overpowered by tons of positive feedbacks from his supporters too. Through the undying love that he is receiving, he had bested his doubt and fear.

Still, Zaleb Brown professes that he has a long way to go, but he believes that positivity will make him go further. He shares his optimism to his fans through his lyrics and the act of moving along the waves.

He acknowledges every downfall in his life, and that is what makes him rise in every situation. Indeed, he is both an emerging star of his career and himself.


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