179th Day Of Lockdown

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In Focus 09 Aug 2020 In conversation with ...

In conversation with renowned dentist Dr Kshama Chandan on coping with the new normal

Published Aug 9, 2020, 6:53 pm IST
Updated Aug 9, 2020, 6:53 pm IST
The pandemic has not only left our lives in distraught and tipped our axes but also changed the way we live and things we did daily
Dr Kshama Chandan
 Dr Kshama Chandan

“Suiting up for procedures is like going to war” states Dr Kshama Chandan, a Mumbai- based prosthodontist, award-winning dentist for the youngest smile makeover expert.

For someone who has spent years sitting side-by-side with patients, whether to clean someone’s teeth or magically change their smile, new distancing protocols amidst the pandemic have been particularly overwhelming. “I think dentists, in general, feel helpless and frustrated,” says Dr Kshama.


But with the new-normal comes newer, and stronger safety measures.

In a conversation with the renowned dentist, prosthodontist and smile makeover expert Dr Kshama Chandan, we found out all about the measures she is adopting to stay safe in the new normal.

The pandemic has not only left our lives in distraught and tipped our axes but also changed the way we live and things we did daily.

The world has changed and for how long we don’t know, but one thing that remains constant is that we’re still smiling through it all.

"Smiling will always be a part of our living. Now more than ever we need to feel good, feel healthy and make sure to face everything with a smile", she added.


Dentists are at maximum risk because the profession involves personal contact and close proximity with our patients and it’s impossible to follow social distancing while treating the patients.

Dr Chandan says, "At my clinic, I have always practised the most up to date infection control and sterilisation protocol according to the ADA and OSHA guidelines.

All systems are now as contactless as possible. A virtual consult is first done to understand the patient’s concerns so he or she spends less time in the operatory.

Moreover, the patients have to submit a COVID-19 questionnaire and all screenings, medical forms, dental forms, prescriptions and even payments are happening digitally.


Patients are encouraged to send all the relevant information online before their appointments so that the dentist can minimise the time spent on doing that in the clinic.

The dentist further stated that she is seeing patients only on an appointment basis. Patients are taken directly into the operatories to minimise contact with clinic staff and other patients. Extra time is scheduled between patients for disinfection, sterilisation and changes into a new PPE.

Besides this, the clinic is incorporating elaborate sanitisation and fumigation systems to ensure every nook and cranny is disinfected. Additional masks, face shields, PPE have now become uniform.


The importance of maintaining good dental health has actually been driven home for the last few weeks due to the unavailability of access to dental professionals.

The increased use of technology, the facetime, the zoom calls and meetings, have made people aware, in close up of their face, their smile and appearance. "I see more number of potential patients who have reached out to improve the way they look on camera", quoted the dentist.

Apart from running her private practice with all the safety measures, Dr Kshama Chandan during the lockdown has also explored something new.


The dentist has lately started conducting online webinars for all the amateur and budding dentists where she shares her knowledge and experience from the field of dentistry.

She says, “Your passion is for you.  

Your purpose is for others and when you use your passion for others it becomes a purpose..”

While the appearances and structure of work may change, Dr Kshama's dedication to providing the best quality of dental health while maintaining a safe environment stays unwavering.