Social Activist Anardeen khan changes dynamics of politics.

His inspiration comes from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, whose principled stance on issues of public importance he tries to emulate in his work life

Politicians may be drawing flak everywhere in the world, some for obvious reasons, but still there is no dearth of young men and women who know the significance of public welfare. It is this belief that pushes them, day and night, to work in the public sector, and take charge of political activities in their area. Such zealous youngsters are not only changing the course of history but are also making a real difference to the lives of the downtrodden people of the country.

One such young man, who has answered the call of duty in politics, is Sikar-born Anardeen Khan.

Anardeen Khan, who has been active in the sphere of politics as well as social activism for the past few years, has earned a remarkable amount of goodwill in such a short time because of his honest approach to public life and politics. In doing so, he is trying to correct things in the political sphere too because in the recent decades, politics has been a much-maligned profession for most of the population. Known as “Khan Bhai” among the locals, Khan is appreciated for his hands-on approach to work of upliftment in the Sikar district.

Every morning, his day begins by listening to the problems related to unemployment, social issues, economic failures, gender bias, etc. That sets the tone for his day’s work. His charitable activities for the welfare of the Dalit community in Sikar are well-known and well-appreciated. For him, resolving their problems before the end of the day is ‘Khan Bhai’s’ purpose in life. In return, he receives so much love and respect from the public that it won’t be a surprise if Anardeen Khan is soon seen emerging as the next political star in Rajasthan.

Among his community, Khan is considered to be no-less than a hero because of his fight against corruption in the public sphere. And he does that without any politicking. Explaining his approach to work, Khan says, “I grew up in an area where everything was hard to come by, be it water, electricity, education or livelihood. People of Rajasthan are resilient and they don’t back down from a challenge. This is the reason why I also took up the most difficult of the professions, which is politics. But politics, for me, is not a means to a selfish end. It is the path to public welfare, without expecting anything for myself.”

His inspiration comes from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, whose principled stance on issues of public importance is what he tries to emulate in his work life too. In this regard, Anardeen Khan says he is just warming up in the political space because he wants to use politics as the means to help the common man fulfill his needs and ambitions.

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