7 Perfect Gifting Options for Valentine's Day

It\'s one day in the year which bestows individuals an opportunity to illustrate their emotions

Little did Pope Gelasius ( I ) know that celebrations of Valentine's Day would be extensively elaborate around the world in the 21st Century. He pronounced this day as a day of the feast in the memory of martyr St.Valentino in AD 496 at Rome. Since then people in love from different parts of the world have been rejoicing this day by exchanging gifts & affection with each other.

Valentine's Day is a day when people express their love, and admiration for their partners. It's one day in the year which bestows individuals an opportunity to illustrate their emotions.

Here are Valentine's Day gifting options that will inspire you to make these celebrations even more special.

1) Treehouse Hotel, Club & Spa, Bhiwadi

In case you are planning to propose or preparing for a destination wedding on V Day, Treehouse Hotel, Club & SPA has got you covered. They offer a perfect blend of modern amenities with a traditional Rajasthani theme-based outdoor decor, delectable Rajasthani cuisine and authentic Rajasthani folk dances to keep you and your guests entertained. Flawless scenery with a gigantic poolside to soothe those eyes. We're sure you will have a great time at the hotel!

2) Four Points By Sheraton, New Delhi Airport Highway

Luxury has a new name and what better choice than the highly-rated and reputed Sheraton Hotel for a perfect stay to enjoy Valentine’s Day. If you wish to pamper your soulmate on V Day this could be a wonderful option. A staycation along with family and kids is also a good option for a relaxed short trip along with a variety of mouth-watering displays of appetising food and scenic view.

3) OZiva

The feeling of receiving a well-thought gift for your partner has an impactful effect on the bond of the relationship. Especially when the gift involves self-care. The concept of self-care is the USP of the brand OZiva. Their product range is for both men and women and they've come up with incredible combos for Valentine’s Day. They focus on non- chemical-based products and stick to natural ingredients enriching the texture of your hair and skin. The best part is that they have curated products differently for Men and Women depending on their skin types. So even if self-indulgence is your motto this Valentine's Day you should try their combo range for hair and skin. After all, looking good is feeling good and feeling good is Love!

4) Ayouthveda

Coming from the hearts of our ancient Indian primogenitors a signature brand that vouches to set a benchmark with their Ayurvedic Classic skincare range of merchandise. A Valentine’s day gift hamper consisting of their skin strengthening facial oils, face scrub, face mask, and stress relief body massage oil would be a perfect choice. Let the purity of Indian herbs dwell into your Valentine’s Day gifting options for the most surreal skin and body care experience.

5) Paaprika

A woman looks the sexiest in a saree. The Indian saree elevates a lady's feminine beauty and natural curves. Adding character and personality this Indian attire can fit sensuously into your Valentine’s day endowing preferences. You will surely make everyone stop and stare with the stunning red saree designed by 'Paaprika'. As the name rightly denotes their range is full of hot and & spice.

Specially handcrafted, tailor-made designs picked from the diverse states of India. You rarely will find a hot combination like this anywhere else. One can style their spiced seasoned sarees in various ways either for a Valentine theme based party or a private date night with your partner.

PaaprikaStore at instagram !

6) Groversons Paris Beauty

There is nothing that matches up to the purity of a ladies intimate inner beauty. Only if you feel beautiful from the inside will it radiate on the outside. With over 60 years of renowned experience, the Groversons Paris Beauty have been pioneers in designing and manufacturing gracious and admirable ladies undergarments in woven, knitted and hosiery fabric. For Valentine's Day the feeling of love, togetherness, passion and romance can be expressed significantly through a gift from the intimate lingerie range from Paris beauty.

They have styles for almost every occasion and outfit. Allow the Valentine vibe to set in and bring out the feminine and unrestrained fashion horizon to scale up your styling capabilities.

7) Wellversed

Sweets surely lift dull moods and spirits, savouring sweet dishes over meaningful conversations is the essence of relationships and bonds. A perfect Valentine's Day date is not complete without having a tasty lip-smacking delicious dessert right? This Valentine's day satisfies your partners' taste buds with the perfect foodgasm by gifting them a set of highly nutritious Ketofy Choco Fudge Cookies and Ketofy Hazelnut Chocolates by WellVersed. A happy gut with immensely happy taste buds. We bet your partner is definitely gonna ask for more of you and more of these.

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