The 4 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Instant & Safe)

An Instagram profile with thousands of followers is considered an authority in its niche

There are over one billion Instagram users throughout the world. About 50% of all Instagram users follow one or more businesses on the platform. This means that over 500 million users follow the Instagram profiles of businesses. If you could capture just 0.01% of those users and turn them into followers of your profile, you could be one of the biggest influencers on Instagram.

Followers are the key to any successful Instagram profile. You cannot become a big-time influencer and sell products or services unless you have several thousands of followers on your Instagram profile. The rule of thumb is that people won’t buy products or services from businesses with less than one thousand Instagram followers. So, to buy Instagram followers is the safe and effective strategy in this year.

The 4 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Are you ready to buy Instagram followers? First, you have to find the best site to buy Instagram followers. Any online vendor that sells authentic Instagram followers and delivers them on time is trustworthy. But if the vendor sells fake Instagram followers, then don’t buy them.

Of course, you won’t always know which vendors are telling the truth. For example, some vendors claim to sell authentic Instagram followers but then use bot accounts to deliver the followers. Unless real people operate the Instagram accounts, they are not real followers.

Therefore, it is imperative to only use vendors with a reputation for delivering real followers. But, don’t worry, because you won’t have to research all the vendors on the internet. We’ve conducted all the difficult research for you and found the best vendors that sell 100% genuine Instagram flowers.

Below are the top 4 best sites to buy Instagram followers. is another high-end Instagram traffic service provider. You can buy Instagram followers from website. They use a smart targeting system to find followers for you based on their specific hashtags, interests and location. As a result, it increases your chances of receiving real followers who are interested in your Instagram profile and the type of content posted to it.

Don’t worry about getting banned. goes the extra mile to ensure the protection of their customers’ Instagram accounts. You can choose whether you want your followers to be delivered instantly or gradually. We recommend the gradual option if you purchase more than 2,500 followers at a time. They offer quality services so you can without any worry buy Instagram followers, likes and views without any hesitation. is a budget-friendly online vendor where you can buy Instagram followers cheap. Any person or company new to Instagram should start with They offer real followers beginning at $2.87. You can choose to have the followers delivered instantly or gradually.

The purchase screen requires you to select a package from a drop down menu. You can choose packages with between 100 and 10,000 followers. The screen will ask you to submit your Instagram username and email address too. After that, you’ll proceed to the checkout screen and pay for your order. It is as simple as that.


The number one place to buy real Instagram followers is This merchant has been around the internet for several years now. They have proven themselves to be a trustworthy and reliable vendor for purchasing real Instagram followers.

Stormlikes describes itself as a customer-focused company. What this means is that they put the needs of their customers above everything else. That is why their customer service team is available to answer questions on a 24/7 basis. They can answer any questions you have about their social media services or the orders you have placed with them.

Buy Real Instagram followers from

Social Viral brings high-quality followers to your Instagram profile quickly. You can buy follower packages for as low as $1.49 for 50 followers. After you submit your order, the followers should arrive on your profile within 12 hours. These are 100% genuine followers with active accounts. No bot accounts or spam accounts are used.


The future of social media is a bright one. Over the next ten years, people will stop relying on television commercials, newspaper advertisements or radio announcements for their information. Instead, they will get all their news and education from social media channels and profiles.

Buying Instagram followers is the perfect way to become influential in the social media world. An Instagram profile with thousands of followers is considered an authority in its niche. The best part is that the cost of buying Instagram followers is a fraction of the cost of buying television or radio advertisements. The results are significantly better too.

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