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Meet Zidane Awad: A young entrepreneur who turned down $500k investment offer

Published Oct 8, 2020, 4:43 pm IST
Updated Oct 8, 2020, 4:43 pm IST
Zidane Awad Nimer is an Arab tech entrepreneur who recently made his name with some of his magnificent projects
Zidane Awad Nimer
 Zidane Awad Nimer

Zidane Awad Nimer is an Arab tech entrepreneur who recently made his name with some of his magnificent projects that have impressed investors from all over the world. What's interesting about Zidane's journey so far is that he didn't stop with just one successful project and has already successfully launched a few of them. He is currently the founder and CEO of Coolit – a self-cooling can. What’s interesting about this new startup from Zidane is that he managed to secure $200k investment for this project within a couple of months since its launch and it is continuing successfully

The Story of Zidane Awad


Zidane is a young entrepreneur and was born in 1997 in Nazareth. His father, Fouad Awad, is a prominent theatre directo. Zidane mastered the concepts of physics and mathematics even in his early years, receiving many awards and awards for his outstanding skills in those subjects.

His continued interest in science topics while still in high school and his creative aptitude helped him create some interesting projects. One of his creations is the Alarme app that detects whether or not you're sleeping. The app detects if your eyes are open for 30 seconds or longer and as soon as it confirms that, it stops the alarm. Sounds fascinating, right? As well as an app that won him first place in Tsofen Hackathon while still at high school.


One of Zidane’s more recent achievements is the self-cooling cans that he developed with his fellow scientists at Technion – the institute where he graduated from. He named the product Coolit which is essentially a water bottle containing two surfaces, one inside the other, that have a very small space in between. A chemical material is placed between the two surfaces which initiates an endothermic reaction when it comes in contact with oxygen that comes in with a press of a button. As a result of the reaction, the can cools down within minutes. In one of his recent presentations, Zidane claimed that they have successfully achieved 1.8 minutes cooling time and they are working to reduce that time even further.


He has earned many awards and distinctions over the years, with his projects highly appreciated by investors. He earned a full scholarship to the MEET program by MIT, took part in the Hasoub's Campus Startup Cup and finished among the top 3 winners, and even made it into the top 100 startups at Startup Istanbul, where he pitched his idea to other entrepreneurs , investors and mentors.

Zidane Has Raised Serious Funding For His Startups

The absence of sufficient funding to pursue the big ideas of the future is where most start-ups fail. Zidane was fortunate here, as he managed to raise some serious funding for his start-ups. He has incredible skills in learning and leadership and he believes in teamwork. Above all, he also has excellent persuasive abilities and he can easily stand before a crowd and pitch his idea.


Zidane Awad is definitely going to make it big in the future. His wonderful ideas like Pharon, Coolit, Veyago, and Repell have all received great appreciation from the masses and the investors alike and he is already pursuing his dreams.