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Peter Triantos talks about his love for challenges

Published Sep 8, 2020, 5:06 pm IST
Updated Sep 8, 2020, 5:06 pm IST
Peter Triantos
 Peter Triantos

When Peter Triantos was sixteen years old he decided to drop out of high school and run his own race.

He believes that predefined processes create predefined people, and even at an early age, he knew he had to pave his own path! Being born into a financially modest family, Peter had to build his business up from scratch.

At the age of twenty-one, Peter Triantos started his entrepreneurial journey by buying a run-down chicken grill bar - which went on to open five more stores.

In 2007, Peter Triantos decided to move into food manufacturing, and invested three million dollars into infrastructure to shake up the condiment sauce space! He started 8Food from scratch in an attempt to shake up the condiment industry.

The amount of traction that 8Food received worried its competitors to the extent where they waged a price war against Peter’s company. This led to financial distress and the loss of his family home. Now, 8Food is an eight-figure company with its own distribution network.

They have in place one of the industry’s most well developed and highly effective food safety and quality assurance programs with FSSC2200 accreditation.

When asked to share some pearls of wisdom based on his experiences, Peter Triantos advised his followers to not live life as if they’re dead and waiting to be buried. He urged them to challenge themselves and not let the fear of failure or judgment stop them from being great!

The secret to Peter’s success is his competitive nature. He believes that competitive people make the world go round. The competition that they are in with themselves pushes them to do better. He says that by staying competitive one sets themselves new goals!

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