Labdoor Report On Protein Brands: India’s NutraBox Tops The List

Labdoor is an independent organization that tests supplements

Recently a pride booster thing happened for India but only a few noticed. Well, how about an Indian nutrition brand’s protein supplement product ranks no. 1 in the world? Yeah, you’ve read it right. United States’ supplement testing organization ‘Labdoor’ has issued a report stating that a protein supplement by the Indian brand ‘NutraBox’ is the topmost in the whole world.

Labdoor is an independent organization that tests supplements. They take out the products from retailers or e-commerce portals by themselves and check whether products have what the brands claim and if they have any harmful ingredients or contaminants. NutraBox’s product ‘100% Whey Protein’ attained 100 out of 100 Labdoor scores.

The founder and owner of NutraBox, Mr Nihar Desai say and we quote that ‘To be first on the world’s renowned USA laboratory- LABDOOR is a very proud moment for NUTRABOX. We have made our mark, as an Indian Protein Brand. This proves we give superior goods, and deliver what we promise. NutraBox is not only my brainchild but I have always treated it as a medium via which I can spread good nutrition country-wide.’

There are falsely claiming supplements in the market and Labdoor authenticates all of them. Products are penalized by Labdoor if their measured active ingredient levels don't match their claimed values. But gladly, that isn’t the case with NutraBox’s 100% Whey Protein! Labdoor found 23.9g protein against 24g claimed.

Created using the cross-flow microfiltration process pioneered, NutraBox whey protein isolates & concentrates have exceptional purity and contain the full spectrum of undenatured proteins naturally found in whey. Also, with 5G of BCAAs and 150mg of DHA, it provides you with the workout stamina to strengthening the immune system.

Amidst the pandemic times, as people are becoming more health-conscious and finding a genuine source of immunity, coming out of this news is a big comfort. Being Protein a primary immunity booster, we won’t be surprised if this benchmark nutrition brand is benefitted with new successful steps.

NutraBox Flavoured Whey Protein comes in 5 delicious flavours like Swiss Chocolate, Alphonso Mango, Cafe Latte, Rich Vanilla Cream and Strawberry Shake with no added sugar.

And just like always, we hope you get along with the best in the field. Stay healthy and safe!

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