Soma Breath & MINDCURE team up for Custom Breathwork for Psychotherapies

The agreement between the two companies aims to reinvent the model for mental health care

SOMA Breath Inc has joined hands with MINDCURE with an aim to develop psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. MINDCURE is known for using advanced proprietary technology for psychedelic therapy. Together with the global breathwork school, SOMA Breath inc, the two will achieve promising and beneficial results. This partnership and license agreement allow MINDCURE to incorporate breathing practices and methods to create more mediums to help patients suffering from mental health challenges. Since MINDCURE targets versatile mediums for therapy that goes beyond just digital therapeutics, psychiatry, neuro-supports, and psychedelics, it acknowledges SOMA Breathwork as a unique way that incorporates modern science, music, dance with an ancient style of breathwork, that is based on pranayama, to improve mental as well as physical health.

The agreement between the two companies aims to reinvent the model for mental health care. To enable this MINDCURE will incorporate SOMA Breath's 21-day breathwork program, as well as use iSTRYM, its psychedelics digital therapeutics platform, to create a custom breathwork track that would be targeted towards psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies. SOMA’s breathwork programs have been proven to assist patients to manage stress and reduce anxiety, effects of the breathing techniques have been shown to produce brainwave activity compared to the effect of psychedelics. By using SOME Breathwork, MINDCURE is aiming to create a safe platform for therapists and patients to foster psychedelic-like benefits without the need for psychedelics themselves.

According to the founder and the CEO of SOMA Breath, Niraj Naik; "At SOMA Breath, we have seen firsthand the transformational power of breathwork, and are eager to bring our scientifically-validated program into iSTRYM for therapists and patients around the world, and to work alongside MINDCURE to further the connection between breathwork and psychedelic-like experiences."

SOMA Breathwork along MINDCURE anticipates a late July release of the beta version of the iSTRYM application and platform. We are thrilled about this partnership and we hope that two companies together can create an innovative model which will enable both therapists, practitioners, and patients to turn to science-backed, effective personalized mental health support at scale. We hope that the two team’s efforts yield a positive outcome.

( Source : Spotlight )
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