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Need Help Finding the Correct Ring Size?

Published Jun 8, 2020, 9:29 pm IST
Updated Jun 9, 2020, 5:42 pm IST
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Rings carry special meaning to lovers and other enthusiasts who use them for different occasions.

They spice up all the glamour and charm in love circles. However, it’s not just about having a ring but the correct size.

Central to the design and making of rings is the ability to provide comfortable solutions to clients and comfort comes with the right ring size.

As a buyer, this is what you should be looking for among other things. ELF925, a leader in the Asian jewelry market for over two decades has been providing solutions in this industry pegged on latest trends and right ring choice for various functions. The good news is that there are already established ring-size charts to help you in your search.

It is important to have a properly fitting ring to make your engagement special. Jasper Hillaud, the MD of ELF925 says that “Jewelry serves specific purposes and therefore, it should be of the right choice and size for it to suit the occasion of the moment.” Finding the correct ring size should be your dealer’s next move after establishing the quality.

Even with the motivation to make it a surprise, the ultimate fun and celebration lie in ensuring that it is the correct size. Professional ring dealers can help you establish that to avoid making this lifetime mistake that may take long to erase from your memories.

Your Ring should be the Right Size

There is no one-size-fits-all ring in the market. Ring dealers understand how important your ring is and will do everything to make sure that you have what you need. Instead of wondering what to do, visit a professional dealer for custom rings. You will get one that is perfectly designed for you.

They have the tools and resources needed to measure and determine the perfect size for their customers. We all have distinct finger sizes and therefore, it is important to go for ring size measurement before buying any.

Modifications on an already built ring may affect its look, alignment and strength. This is why size should be determined among the first things. You do not want the stones on your ring out of place with a damaged pattern.

Take time to look at the ways of establishing the correct engagement ring size to buy! It is easy to do that with the right tools and procedures in place. As you go about this exercise:

•Ensure that you pick a ring size that has some resistance when putting it on and off
•Make sure that it comfortably sits upright at the finger base
•Confirm that the ring doesn’t slip off your knuckle

Typical Ring Size Measurement for a Perfect Fit

You can get the size of your ring using DIY solutions at home such as a string, a paper strap or another ring. However, you will have to consider factors such as the temperatures, the size of your knuckle and the ring type. Most importantly, take various measurements to be sure.

For a more professional and accurate measurement, visit a ring dealer for a free ring sizer. This is an adjustable plastic sizer that will be used to help you determine the ring size.

With information and guidelines on how to use a free ring sizer, you can use it at home as well. There are ring size charts for use alongside this free ring sizer to help in knowing your ring size.

Establishing ring sizes can also be done using printable ring size guides. Instead of acquiring your plastic ring sizer, this option allows you to download a guide for folding around your finger and taking the measurements. The results will be sufficient for use by your jewelry dealer in making the perfect ring for your finger!

Ensure that you get the perfect ring size to make the most out of your experience. If you need help with this exercise, look out for various DIY approaches that you can apply at home.

However, the best approach would be to visit a professional rings dealer to help you determine the correct size for you.  Let it not bother you while there are professionals out there to help you make a good size choice!



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