Daniel Duminy: A social media star turned rapper

Even though creating music is his main focus right now, Daniel has been involved in different businesses throughout his career

Daniel Duminy, (@realdanduminy) is a multi-talented hip hop artist that has done everything from shooting vlogs for famous rappers and racing go karts professionally.

The 18 year old social media sensation has been living the life that many people dream of, and he’s just getting started.

Daniel is from South Africa, a place where stars are not common. But Daniel is looking to switch up the narrative, and he’s looking to do it through hip hop.

Even though creating music is his main focus right now, Daniel has been involved in different businesses and activities throughout his career.

He started off with shooting videos at the age of just ten years old. His first video was a funny kissing prank video that actually ended up performing pretty well on YouTube. He then started finding himself behind the camera more often. Shooting vlogs for popular rappers from South Africa and even creating brand imaging for some major brands in his home country.

He’s since moved on to focus on social media, which consumes a lot of his limited time. He says that growing on social media is a great way to monetize your creative skills, especially considering that there are so many people on social media with so many different interests that the potential for anyone to break out is there.

He says that in order to win at social media you have to post a lot of quality content using relevant hashtags. That’s the most important part. Doing that consistently will help you gain a lot of followers.

Then he says it's important to interact with people, especially because social media is supposed to be social. He says that you need to be engaging with your fans, asking them questions and seeing what they want out of your profile first and foremost.

In order to monetize your social media, Daniel says that you can do sponsored posts or even create your own products and sell them. He also says that having great content on your Instagram can help you land jobs with big brands as he has in the past.

Now that Daniel has moved to Los Angeles and is pursuing a career in the hip hop industry, it’s never been more important for his fans to support him. He loves making music and he says it comes easy to him. Now it’s all about getting his fans on board. He wants to make music that brings a smile to people’s faces, but he also wants it to be catchy.

He has been able to catch some trends on Tik Tok as fans have been creating dance videos to some of his music. Daniel believes that Tik Tok is an amazing platform, and he’d be remiss not to take advantage of it, especially as a rapper. He says that going viral on tik tok is all about creating music that’s super catchy and that can easily be danced to. We’ve seen artists like Drake try to piggy back off the tik tok trends by creating songs like Toosie Slide. Dan believes that Tik Tok is only going to continue to get bigger, and he wants to take full advantage.

Now that everything is locked down and nobody has anywhere to go, Daniel has just been focused on creating music 24/7. He’s been working on an EP that he plans on releasing this year, and he’s also been hard at work on an album that he plans on releasing next year. You can also check out a few of the singles he’s released on his Youtube.

To keep up with Daniel, follow him on Instagram.

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( Source : Spotlight )
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