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Placing Dreams is rated the third best film institute in India and has the highest google ratings among all

As of the financial year 2020-21, Indian film industry is worth INR 183 billion and providing jobs to nearly 2.36 million people and hence have a world ranking of number one in the term of number of films produced and box office admissions. So, it is not surprising that every day nearly 2000 people from every corner of this country come to the ‘Mayanagri’ with their eyes shimmering with hope and ambition, but the hard-hitting truth is that only 0.1% of them are able to make a living while following their passion. Surviving at such a competitive place requires skills, which in turn requires hard work. This is where the role of an institute comes in, a place where one can get the direction and knowledge, they need to get an edge over others. Nandan Jha realized this when he started his journey in the city of dreams, Jha experienced the endless struggles faced by every aspirant. He soon knew that it takes more than just sheer will to keep your soul and body together at such a place. After years of working with prominent personalities and gaining invaluable experience, he came up with the idea of creating a premier institute.

Today Placing Dreams is rated the third best film institute in India and has the highest google ratings among all. Placing Dreams is easily differentiable amongst other film institutes in India due to their unique way of teaching. The institute emphasizes the importance of real-world experience over theoretical knowledge. Students are given the opportunity to interact and assist big production houses and see how live shoots are organized and conducted. With the indispensable on-field experience students get, they always feel comfortable at work.

The hard work put in by the top-notch faculty working in the institute is one of the big forces which forged Jha’s vision into the reality. Every student requires different care and resources to grow and prosper, and that’s why each year among many applicants only 50 students are registered. Due to this every unique individual gets the support and mentorship they need. People who are best in their respective fields regularly conduct workshops in the institute to provide the students first-hand knowledge of real workplace situations. Placing Dreams provides courses in every major field like acting, editing and direction. Today Film industry is dominated by the rich and powerful, but Placing Dreams follows the mantra of ‘every dream matter’ and hence even with all the facilities they have an average joe can afford the expenses and follow their passion.

Moreover, students get the opportunity to create Short Films and documentaries to show case their talent which is further sent to International film festival. The Institute has a solid alumni network with most of them working and living the life they once thought was a mere dream and it is continuously growing. More and more people are becoming the part of the legacy that is being created by this institute and all this is the consequence of the strong foundation laid by Nandan Jha and his team.

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( Source : Spotlight )
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