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Indiaforensic launches a new trade based money laundering certification program

Published Jan 8, 2021, 8:32 pm IST
Updated Jan 8, 2021, 8:32 pm IST
The CTE program sets a new standard to address the Anti-Money Laundering Requirement in International Trade
The CTE program sets a new standard to address the Anti- Money Laundering Requirement in International Trade.
 The CTE program sets a new standard to address the Anti- Money Laundering Requirement in International Trade.

As a part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen the AML certification portfolio, Indiaforensic has launched a new Trade Based Money Laundering Certification Program for regulatory compliance, law enforcement and trade finance professionals. The Certified Trade Based Money Laundering Expert is designed to create awareness about the terms of trade, manipulative practices and risk associated with trade transactions.

Compliance professionals who are dealing in TBML often find it difficult to understand the cross-border transaction, complex documentation etc. This program is designed to bring all learners to a shared baseline of terminology, concepts, and processes.


The CTE certification is another milestone in Indiaforensic accreditation which reflects our focus to help the financial institutions to combat money laundering and illicit activities that are taking place. On registering, CTE (Certified Trade Based Money Laundering Expert) applicants will undergo E- learning which is supported by the real-life problem-solving assignments. Through digital training one will be able to understand the TBML Mechanism, International Trade, Common Techniques used in TBML, Terms and Manipulation Techniques of Trade etc.


On the occasion of the launch of the certification program, Mayur Joshi, Founder of Indiaforensic said that “We are proud to launch the Trade Based AML Course, which is designed to remove the complexities in analyzing the TBML transactions.”

“The lessons and examples are relevant to financial sector entities including banks, financial institutions, insurance, MSB, Stock Brokers and fintech firms”. Joshi Further added.

Beginning in January 2021, TBML aspirants will be provided with a TBML Manual, video sessions, online practice questions. Test-takers will have 120 minutes to complete 100 multiple-choice questions.


Joshi Continued, “Introduction of the Trade Based Money Laundering accreditation program marks the second certification program to be offered by Indiaforensic in the financial crimes and compliance domain. It follows the launch of the Certified Risk Based Anti-Money Laundering program last year”.

It emphasizes to do this certification on TBML as it detects the early signs, which will give an in-depth understanding to the certified TBML professionals to detect suspicious activities. Different type of challenges is faced while investigating the crime.


“The rising scope of international trade will provide different opportunities to money launderers to launder money from one country to another. There is no single regulator for international trade and the prices of international trade are decided by the buyer and seller. Trade Based Money Laundering is defined as the process of distinguishing the proceeds of crimes and also the moving value through the use of trade transactions in an attempt through the illicit origins.”

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