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How to Easily Convert a YouTube Video into an MP3 file?

Published Oct 7, 2021, 12:42 pm IST
Updated Oct 7, 2021, 12:42 pm IST
YouTube doesn’t let us download our favorite music or video in MP3 format
There are plenty of videos with good music on YouTube. (Representational image: Youtube)
 There are plenty of videos with good music on YouTube. (Representational image: Youtube)

When it comes to social network sites in the world, YouTube has always been on top of the game. It is a massive platform for video sharing, music, sound effects and track. As we all know Youtube needs an internet connection to work or stream content likewise YouTube also requires to be connected to the high speed internet for best experience.  This is a problem for most of us who don’t have fast Internet available all the time. YouTube doesn’t let us download our favorite music or video in MP3 format.

There are plenty of videos with good music on YouTube. As YouTube has finally agreed on taxes after years, there are even more videos available worldwide whose sound can be easily converted into MP3 files. Unfortunately, YouTube does not support the downloading of videos by default unless you buy a paid "YouTube Red" subscription and certainly not the conversion of a video into an MP3 file. But there is one YouTube converter, also known as downloader, that does just that.


Thanks to advancement in technology, it has become even faster and easier to download MP3 files from YouTube and save them on your laptop and even on mobile phones using online YouTube to MP3 converters. GO-MP3 is by far the fastest online video converter available today. It is a free YouTube to MP3 converter, very simple and easy to use. The tool works without advertisement and the process of converting YouTube video is very simple to follow.

Features at glance:

- Quick and Convenient - It is a very quick and convenient website where you just need to paste the link of video or music you want to download on adding the link click on Go button.


- Time taken for the conversion process -  Wait for a while for the conversion process.The time to convert the video into Mp3 depends on the size of your file and internet speed. After that you will get an advertisement free download option.

- Save the video - Click on the save button to download the YouTube video into MP3. It is the safest YouTube video converter at the moment, free of any advertisement or adware.

- The tool helps you build a collection of your favorite songs so you can enjoy unlimited music at no cost.

- Download video anonymously - You don't need to install any software to convert and download YouTube videos into MP3. A YouTube video of your choice can be converted into MP3 anonymously with the help of GO-MP3. Besides, you don't need to give any kind of personal information like email nor does the website collect your personal data.


- User friendly video downloader - GO-MP3 is an user-friendly online video downloader that allows swift and easy downloading of MP3 files from YouTube video.It is designed to provide best user experience which means it is supported by all modern browsers like phone, computer or tablet.

- Go-MP3 is totally free. No charge is required to convert YouTube videos into MP3. So, now you can enjoy music offline, free of cost and without the annoying YouTube ads in between the video.