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Gaurav Pawar redefines the fitness industry with his powerful thoughts

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Published on: March 7, 2021 | Updated on: March 17, 2021

Together with fitness transformation, It's All About Journey also focuses on mindset transformation which will help you in all parts of life

Gaurav Pawar

Gaurav Pawar

Gaurav Pawar, the founder of It’s All About Journey, had a dream to change the definition of the fitness world, transform this field for the betterment of this world. And today Gaurav Pawar and the entire Team at It’s All About Journey is successfully walking on this path.

Long back, when Gaurav Pawar was in his twenties busy transforming himself, on daily basis, he came around such people, who were getting demotivated when not able to achieve their goal, due to which they started to drop off their journey in middle. Even you might be one of them.

As human beings, we are surrounded by people who pull us down, who make us feel we are worthless. Very few of us are surrounded by such people who motivate us. This is why we fall into the trap of negativity.

To achieve any goal in life, what is required the most is hard work, dedication, consistency, and patience. If we lack any single aspect, we won’t be able to walk on the journey anymore. But don’t worry, It's All About Journey has brought a solution for it.

Together with fitness transformation, It’s All About Journey also focuses on mindset transformation which eventually will help you in all parts of life, as we are familiar with the equal importance of physical and mental fitness in today's world.

Now, why does mindset play an important role in achieving the desired goal?

Ideal Mindset not only prepares the mind for all the struggle which we have to go through to achieve our goal but also make us stress-free. There are two types of mindset, one is fixed and the other one is growth. If you are someone who has set boundaries and limitations in your mind, certainly it’s a fixed mindset and, if you can break those limitations, you have a growth mindset. The shocking part is, most of we don't know about it. Due to which, we are facing problems in our life.

Together with any job, daily stress comes hand in hand. Instead of building up that stress, we must try to break the chain and calm ourselves. Our brain gets influenced by what we see around us, what we see on social media platforms or through any other medium and the truth is what we see around us is not usually true. Instead of aiming to look like our role model, we should look at ourselves and try to become the best version of it.

Now the question that arises is, why is mindset related to fitness?

The answer is very simple, our brain is an important part of our body through which the entire body functions. It can motivate or demotivate us, that is why the reason, why Mindset Coach exists who will help you in setting your mind in the right direction.

One more aspect which is the most important is Consistency which is the key to success.

Along with that dear reader,

• It’s important to relax.

• It’s important to flex your brain muscles.

• It’s important to nurture and calm your mind.

Various fitness trainers, nutritionists, and doctors assure you guaranteed transformation results in just a few days. It’s not how it works. Everybody type is different, every lifestyle pattern is different. For which personal guidance and a personal plan is required. And if you are ready, to continuously strive to achieve your goal, YOU CAN DO IT. AND YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT.

To conclude, It’s All About Journey wants you to look at things in the long term.

Don’t look for short term happiness. It will only give you false hopes which you will eventually regret, hurdles are always going to be there but in the end, it’s the journey that matters the most. If fitness is the journey you are looking to embark on and change your lifestyle, IAAJ would love to assist you with that.


Disclaimer: No Deccan Chronicle journalist was involved in creating this content. The group also takes no responsibility for this content.


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